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Nightmare Asylum

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Last July I made a map for Doom 2.

Name: Nightmare Asylum;

Plot: There was a distress signal from Crostville Asylum in New Mexico. You are assigned there as a special forces agent. You need to find and destroy the source of evil. Nothing else actually.

Port: Made with GZDoom Builder, tested on GZDoom. Yet the format is limit-removing.



Textures: Standard;

Music: A track from the first Doom.

Difficulty: Yes;

Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xvZAyzsDO8F4v_jignCrqtL2ShWhbJYg/view










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Yeah not bad, had a fair bit of fun with this, ammo and health are more than generous and I died in a couple of daft ways.  Feels really oldschool.


Few monsters didn't warp in, so I had to go wake em up myself!


Exit area is unescapable, denying the player the choice to go explore if they feel like it, maybe add a tele down there back to the start area


Nice one


(video randomly starts about 6 mins in, no need for this, not sure how it happened)


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Pretty good map overall. The layout is good yet some places felt bit claustrophobic to me, like the lift to blue key where i didn't expect quite strong imp jumpscare :D Gameplay was very nicely challenging and balanced but i think more ammo would be only for good but other than that it was really nice with lots of medikit which i allways aprecited a lot since i going low on health guite offten heh. The whole map gave some good oldschool feel which was really nice.

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I saw the headline and I was going to ask if it was based on the ALIENS comic series.

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7 hours ago, dugan said:

I saw the headline and I was going to ask if it was based on the ALIENS comic series.

Yeah, this is a shout-out to exactly that comic.

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