Get ready for a map pack that will not only provide levels made with john romero's design rules, but will put the master levels to shame. THE POWER LEVELS ARE OVER 9000! The best part? it wil be compatible with dosbox. I only have two levels made at the moment, but i will add more as time goes on. i will update this post as new levels are made, with levels increasing by two. i plan on adding a custom menu screen, a custom music track (ripped from metal artists and midi-fied. no copyright infringement intended), and 1 new weapon. at the moment, i don't know how to do those 3 things, but i plan on learning. as long as it doesn't make me type for hours on end.   feel free to provide feedback on the levels so i can improve them.
    VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE! PLEASE READ! it has come to my attention that nobody cares about my expansion anymore. why? is it not interesting enough? this is not just a megawad. this is a bona-fide fan-made expansion pack for doom 2! that will eventually be compatible with dosbox! i'm almost at beta 1.0, and i plan on using slade for that. so, beta 0.9 will add 10 levels (if i have the time and you have the patience) so the maps will be completed by beta 1.0. so PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF DOOM share this post EVERYWHERE! heck, share this WAD with some friends. or even strangers! the power levels must grow to OVER 9000 FOLLOWERS! This will be THE FIRST fan-made expansion pack for doom 2, and i want everyone to know it! so. help me by giving your feedback. send screenshots with captions. suggest level themes and layouts. do SOMETHING! dont just leave me hanging. (i hope this doesn't count as spam)
    update: I need a break. I have pretty much stopped development of the power levels, because I just, well, got distracted by fallout mods to even bother about mapping. MAP11 is pretty much abandoned, but hopefully I'll get around to it when I once again enter my "doom phase". until then, I will be taking a break from mapping for the foreseeable future.
      ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE LEVEL OF INCREDIBLE POWER!   so, i won't get my laptop back until i can afford the new hard drive. so, to hold you over until that happens, i plan on developing a D4V single map WAD that is built for the D4V mod for doom 2. which is vanilla dos compatible. i will be developing it on my dad's mac. why i can't just use the mac for the power levels?   i dunno...   i guess it's because i have access to windows 10 on my laptop and i originally though the wad i was working on would be intact. that, and i can't right click and left click at the same time on mac.   actually, now that i think about it, i SHOULD continue development on my dad's mac. why didn't i do that before!?   back to this new map. the maps for D4V are not built with the mod in mind. especially not with D4V 2 version 2.   for example, the new weapons added in version 2.0 of D4V are not suited for the maps. i keep dying a lot because of that.   the LEVEL OF INCREDIBLE POWER is a single map built with the mod's weapons and enemies in mind. and the mod is dos compatible.   stay tuned...