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On 3/14/2019 at 4:29 PM, memes4lyfe said:


zandronum is not vanilla accurate, which is why people are noticing bugs you aren't. You'll want to test your map in something like Chocolate Doom.

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actually, i didnt intend for them to infight. i was just placing monsters where i thought fit best. i don,t really know a lot about good monster placement. as for my next map, i will call it the marble city.

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Look, dude. You R E A L L Y NEEEEEEEEED to test these maps on Chocolate DooM. In fact, the spoiler below will list just a HANDFUL of bugs in your maps:




MAP 01:


As far as I know, this is unreachable.


MAP 03:


Unnecessary switch.



DRAWSEG overflow. Doesn't crash vanilla it just causes the HOM effect to go wild.



Pressing use on this door produces a door sound but doesn't move.



This switch breaks if you try to open the "door" first.


MAP 04:


This switch does absolutely nothing.



Tutti-Frutti error on this door.



The exit switch can be pressed prematurely.



Tutti-Frutti Error on this switch.




This "blue key door" opens up when you have the blue key. So why is there a switch to also open this door?



MEGA Tutti-Frutti error on this fake wall!


Please note I AM interested in watching you slowly succeed but these errors really must be addressed...

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the soul sphere is indeed reachable. you just need to find the secret. otherwise, i wouldn't put it there. also, what causes tutti-fruitti errors?

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2 hours ago, TheNoob_Gamer said:

A bit semi-off-topic: Is this intended to be a joke megawad?

no, but map05 could be seen as a "joke"

my vision for map05 was "demon's found out about the UAC's sweet new swimming pool, and want to take it over. after arriving in the pool area, you see something horrible: the mancubi broke the diving board! those monsters. beach day is over for these horror movie rejects." so i built the map with that story in mind. that wooden structure was supossed to be a beach house. also, for map08 (i finished map07, the marble city) i plan on using computer puns in my map design. for example, to proceed, you need to disable the firewall. (aka, get the key to a door with the FIREWALL texture). these joke stories are what my creativity came from for some maps.

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and yes, i said i finished map07, but there is no download yet. i'm waiting for beta v1.0 first along with 2 other maps.

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ALSO also, since the name of the next map is called "tricks and traps" should i put monster closets and traps in? if so, what? i'm kinda running outta ideas.

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