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Actually am enjoying this Megawad- despite some minor glitches and misaligned textures it's enjoyable

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Posted (edited)
16 hours ago, memes4lyfe said:

@-TDRR-, what seems to be the problem? I thought this was patched.

Did you even update the patch? I'm testing it right now on DOSBox and it's working fine.

EDIT: I haven't yet downloaded the latest version so let me see if you haven't updated correctly.

EDIT2: As i thought, this patch is the old version, you need to redownload the .zip i uploaded a page back. Also, when packaging the .wad, remember to change the name of emarines.deh to power.deh so people don't forget they need to load both power.deh and power.wad.

Edited by -TDRR-

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Another tip, please put all the old links inside of a spoiler. Just helps to clean up your first page and make it look nicer :3

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