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My lastest Pixel Art work

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Well, I am going to submit a Pixel Art work to a contest here, not planning to win but doing this by fun, as doing a 16-colours palette piece was pretty tough.

Nevertheless, it was an unique experience, a way to learn and also a new way to use all my creativity and imagination into a single artwork.

So yeah, just so anyone can see it before submitting it, I'll post it here.


A World Beyond Ours-1.png.png

Edit: I just noticed the colour palette above there, I edited the picture but will leave it like that here. Poi

Edited by Archanhell : Just a note.

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28 minutes ago, Gaia74 said:

nice picture :P

Thank you!
It has a d e e p meaning behind it.

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2 minutes ago, Archanhell said:

Thank you!
It has a d e e p meaning behind it.

a deep meaning? which?

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7 hours ago, franckFRAG said:

Nice artwork. What is the name of this event? I could to be interested.

I don't know if I can't post URLs to other sites but it's on Reddit.
I would tell ya but the deadline is tomorrow lol.
https://www.re ddit.com/r/PixelArt/comm ents/apx1sm/official_rpixelart_contest_win_a_30_amazon_gift/ (Adding a Space there to avoid embedded URLs.)

EDIT: Also tyvm dude.

On 3/10/2019 at 2:27 PM, Gaia74 said:

a deep meaning? which?

Hmm, the easiest way to explain is basically three people (Say, warriors from different kingdoms) look from a cliff into the horizon, where a magical world lays, elves and dwarvens live in peace and harmony, more or less.

But there's a mysterious magic Tower which constantly shoots a lightbeam into the sky, protected by two Guardians representing both Light and Dark.

The Eyes on the Tower represent they see everything both on Skies (Left) and Earth (Right) which in a deeper way would be Heaven and Hell.

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