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The purpose of this megawad is simple - I wanted to make something like Urania, but more balanced and using Boom engine. Moreover, when making this I learned a lot of Boom tricks.

Description : 17-map Boom megawad, sequel of Urania. After defeating the tyrant monster from Urania, your spaceship was hit by unknown forces and you had to catapult back to the surface of Urania, in the industrial area, between the jungle and the mountains. Earth coalition ships are under fire and cannot help you. Received information from the command center: this time the threat comes from the moon of Urania - Adonis. The task is to find a way to get to Adonis and destroy the enemies there.
Break through the industrial district, floating archipelago and malevolent lagoon in this custom mapset for Doom 2.

-new props and textures, includes animating and switches
-three new monsters, but usual Doom 2 monsters will stayed
-no inescapable pits
-tough gameplay but no so stressful like Urania does
-less switch hunting, though there is enough huge and long maps
-new midis (list of midi files are under the spoiler below)
-maps is multiplayer compatible
-bonus MAP33 which contains conjoined map parts of Urania which were not included for various reasons

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