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"Screechdome" - a large map with antichamber-like features (Beta)

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Hello everyone!
After many years, I made a classic Doom map! I call it "Screechdome", the name is subject to change.


It's a relatively large map (yes, only one) - it features a building with four floors, some of its sewers/cellars and an outdoors area.
I tried to make the gameplay as variable as possible while still feeling somewhat vanilla-ish. Some areas are more combat based, some are more puzzle based, some have parkour elements... And theere's something strange about the house, sometimes you might not be sure whether it's trolling you or whether your sences have just been dulled from the darkness and your injuries.

As a whole it is very non-linear and contained (as in most of the combat is close-quarters).













Technical details:

- I was testing it with GZDoom, it should work well with that, I can't guarantee it will with other engines.
- You are not meant to be able to jump. If you are, please do not use that feature.

- Even when dark, you should be able to see something, it should never be so dark that you see nothing at all (you can adjust your display settings if needed).


-> I would love to hear from those who use different engines whether the map works as it should or from anyone if it was perhaps too dark. What I would appreciate the most is if you could make a video of playing the map, so I could see what problems people who don't know the map encounter.







Beta 1:

initial release



Beta 2:

- fixed some bugs and bunnies

- fixed some annoying places to get stuck in while an Archvile sets you on fire

- sector lighting doesn't go below 88 now

- balanced health and ammo a little bit

- made killing the Spider Mastemind more challenging


Beta 3:

- hopefully fixed further bugs
- added a few decorations
- made some hard to find stuff easier to find



Edited by Vojife : a new version, a new screenshot, a new changelog

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Apparently, I played the very first version of the map, because I faced the fact that I could not get into the area with the blue skullkey, after which I went further with the cheats ... There were quite a lot of bugs, but since I see progress in updating the map, I think they have already been fixed. Simultaneously with the passage, I began to record demo, but it does not make sense to publish it because of the difference in versions...

To be honest, due to the strong non-obviousness, the passage of this map is a rather exhausting experience. I spent about 1 h 10 min on it. The reason why I leave the map in my collection is an interesting point with a portal maze. I would like this use of portals to come across more often. When you find yourself in this labyrinth, a second wind appears: "Oh, yes, something interesting happens now!". But, alas, it is only one such moment. The moments when there are obstacles in front of the player, forcing him to look for a workaround, knock the pace and the desire to pass it further, because suggests painful jogging along narrow corridors. The idea itself is good, but its implementation on a map with such a structure does not work. A few more gameplay remarks. When a berserk falls into a player's hands, gameplay becomes too easy. By the way, remembering the moment with BFG, the path to which lies over a pit of acid ... I could not jump back over it ...

Generally, as I noted, the portals are used on the map quite abundantly, and this is commendable, as well as the desire to make the map long and add microdetails. It is important that the latter does not work on the visual component of the map, although it can be seen that considerable effort has been put into the detailing. Alas, after passing the map architecture was remembered on a very classic level, and small details are only once forcing to pay attention to themselves. I remember that on my first map I also tried to pay attention to small objects, but from my own experience, this did not justify itself. Players simply do not attach importance to them, while running around and firing ...

The main thing in the following project is not to confuse the player too much and give him more guidance.

Good luck to you in the future!

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