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Complete equip etc. gone...!?

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Posted (edited)


after a while, i wanted to play DOOM again and reach 100% @ trophys.
so i started the game, and selected a mission. in the mission the questlog is as it was: solved quests, challenges, trophys, etc. are marked as solved (i.e. argent-cells are marked as found) but my character is completely downgraded: the points I invested in armor, healt and ammunition are resetted. but as i said, things i have fount (automap, pretormarks, argent cells, challenges) are marked as solved and found.

i hope i am in the right subforum.

and since bethesda has no ticket-support service (i didn't find one i decided to ask you guys here)


does anybody knows this kind of bug?


what can i do now please? would be really, really, REALLY sad, to start a complete new savegame...



kind regards

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Posted (edited)

This forum is for classic Doom.  If you scroll down some more on the forums home page, you will find the forum for Doom 2016.  A moderator might move this topic to the right forum, which will make my comment seem to make no sense.

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sorry for that. i am used to see "DOOM" nearly everywhere, for the game. but you're right, "DOOM 2016" is also used and i overlooked it. again, sorry for this.


would a mod pls be so kind and move the thread? thanks for that.


haha dude, no, everybody with a brain should recognize, that if the topic is moved to 2016, it was done at your command. ;-)


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i again wanted to fulfill 100% in DOOM, but still have this problem.


thought, that maybe anybody has answered in thisvthread here...since not, i would like to BUMP this topic.

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