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Sky Problem


So I was making a MAPINFO lump. Heres what it looks like:


I think thats all I need for the mapinfo. But it keeps telling me that F_SKY references itself as a patch.

Anyone have solutions?

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I don't know why you'd be using MAP1 instead of MAP01 as Doom II does it, but that MAPINFO should be fine.

If you're being told by the engine that F_SKY1 references itself as a patch, then that's an issue with a TEXTURES text file where F_SKY1 is apparently defined as a texture, and (I believe) between the TX_START and TX_END markers (for whatever reason), and so the texture F_SKY1 as defined in TEXTURES is referencing an existing texture, F_SKY1, to make itself a texture.


Firstly, you don't need to define F_SKY1 as a texture because that only makes the image you see in builder renderable on a wall (which can already be done in ZDoom anyway, so it's doubly pointless), and it's intended as a sky rendering flat that's included in the Doom IWADs, so you shouldn't have it in your wad.

Secondly, which is mentioned above, F_SKY1 needs to be on a flat to work, not a wall.


All this unless I'm misunderstanding completely and the texture actually is called F_SKY, in which case I have to believe the problem is that with the TEXTURES text file discussed above. The way to fix this as I understand it, would be to move your texture between PP_START and PP_END markers, which would make the engine read the image as a patch, not a texture itself, which should fix that (admittedly minor) problem.


What it sounds like the actual problem is, is that you want the sky rendered in-game, which is easy to make happen, by putting the flat F_SKY1 on the ceiling or floor of wherever you want to use the sky. If the sky you want isn't appearing in-game (which it should, as long as SKYTEX is an existing texture), try changing the sky to SKY1. If that fixes it, then something is wrong with the texture (though I expect you'll get ZDoom's checkerboard pattern for missing textures if that's the case).

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