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DooMer 4ever

Something that has been bothering me...

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HEY! Doom 2 did the same thing on one of its secret wolfinstein levels. After you fight the cyber demon you enter a room and comander keen is hanging from a noose and you have to shoot him down. I think comander keen is a apogee caracter.

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deathz0r said:

not what i've heard.

It says ABANDONWAREZ IS STILL WAREZ the game was created by Apogee...??


My mistake, this was Commander Keen 4:P ... According to this page, Commander Keen was made by id and published by Apogee.

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geno breaker said:

wacky wheels rise of the tride quakes keen dope fish duke jazz jack rabbit 2 descent battle king pin arachnox keen max payne

Wacky Wheels rules :-)

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Actually only copyrighted material can be used in a parody. Trademarks cannot. There is a difference. 3D Realms was within legal rights to use the doom marine graphic for their little joke. They would not have been allowed to use the Doom logo however. Same with the Quake joke ("I ain't afraid of no quake"). They weren't allowed to use the "Q" logo from that game.

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