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HD Doom Art

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Okay I decided to make a new Topic for this.

Here are really HD Doom Art Pics for your pleasure:


Doom64 Art: (by Roger Motzkus)

You can find a higher res Version there:



Here is another Version of that art:



And here are higher res Versions:



Roger Motzkus himself posted a Version of the original art, i think it was on his Twitter account, but that wasn't very high res.

So i improved that a bit:



And here is another Version of the same art:



I used https://letsenhance.io/ to create the high res versions.

Edited by Besli

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On 3/17/2019 at 8:14 AM, Besli said:

Did you know that this only was a part of a bigger Image!?


This extended artwork is just a fan creation for a personal bootleg vinyl release of Doom 2's soundtrack: http://afaveur.free.fr/megacollec/pages/vinyl.html




The Cacodemon is from this fan art by Theis Møller Jakobsen (who has since deleted the piece from his ArtStation profile).

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