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MDF Special Event #2.5 - 32in24-17 rc2 TESTING - Sunday, March 17th @ 4pm EDT

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The last session was supposed to be the final one, but I screwed up on the rotation and missed out on a bunch of maps, not to mention we didn’t make it all the way through what I had set up anyway! So we will be doing this again today, playing the maps we missed last week. We still need your criticism/complaints/feedback/suggestions/whatever the hell else you have to say, so please come on by. 


BTW the maps we played already kick ass. You’ll be seriously missing out on a good time if you don’t show up!


When: March 17th, 2019 @ 4pm EDT

Where: [TSPG] Server cluster on ZANDRONUM

WAD: https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=32in24-17_rc2c.wad


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