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Mission 7 - missed first rune challenge-additional information

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I am playing Doom 2016/Mission 7 and I accidentally skipped the first rune challenge and gone somewhat past it.  I am still in the "retrieve the yellow access key" challenge, at the tower with the purple supercharge icon at the bottom and the elite guard at the top.  Is there a way that I can now go back to do the first rune challenge in Mission 7 and continue from there without having to restart Mission 7?  I have tried to solve this problem first by clicking on "Rune Trials", but that only lists the trials I have already completed, not the trial I skipped over, "in-flight mobility".  I also clicked on "load from checkpoint", but when I did that I found that my current position is the start of a new check point, so to get back to the run trial I would have to go back past one or more checkpoints that I have already reached.  What is my solution, if any, other than restarting Mission 7?

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I think restarting the mission is the only solution. And honestly, if you've posted twice, three hours ago, and you're still waiting for a solution, then you could've already restarted the mission and been well past it by now.

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