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Custom monsters that don't appear in-game


Hello everyone,

I'm really new to this community so I apologize if I missed some presentation thread or something, and also for my not perfect english 


The question is:

I'm trying to add a custom monster to a map. I've downloaded the .wad file from realm667 and then edited the doomed number in the DECORATE file using SLADE3. I've choosed 25000 so i think that no conflict between things is happening here.

I'm also able to place the monster on the map (all its infos are replaced by ? however) and 25000 seems to appear as the thing number. 

But when I run the map I'm only a lonely doomguy. The monster simply doesn't exists. I've tried to launch both my custom map wad and the monsters one as an extra file (I use doom legacy) and also to copy the files placed in the monsters wad in my map wad, but nothing seems to happen. 

Am I missing something? Thank you all for your help

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You are using Doom Legacy?  I don't think Doom Legacy supports DECORATE, which would explain why your DECORATE monster doesn't appear.  If you are going to use DECORATE, you must play it with ZDoom, or one of its many forks.

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Off hand, no knowing what you did, I assume that you did not give the monster

appropriate Flags to play at the skill level you selected. For example:





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The monster has tags for every skill level. 

So i think that it's better to restart this thing. What I have to do is:

- Download the monster 

- Open it with SLADE

- Add a doomed number 

- Use both an IWAD and the monster wad as DB resources 

- Search in the DECORATE section of my things for the new monster 


Am I right? Or have I to put the monsters resources in a specific place when I run my map or something  else?

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