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what mods for doom came out in the 90's and are really great?

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after watching ahoy's doom documentary, i saw some gameplay of some doom wads made in the mid to late 90's. i figured, why not try them in dosbox? can anyone tell me what the best mods for dosbox doom are available?

(asking because of dosbox doom, and i seek inspiration for my next map, map09)

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Just now, memes4lyfe said:

okay. i'll take a look.

You will naturally want to ignore anything for ZDoom and possibly Boom as well, although Boom is a general standard that almost all engines support. Only ones that don't are stuff like the original games, Chocolate Doom, etc. as those are intended to be absolute purist engines (or the original game). 

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I remember Ghostbusters being often advised, but it's not finished, as far as I recall.

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