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Captain Powerf*ck WAD episode one released!

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Are you prepared to face the Troglomonger hordes? Step in the shoes of Captain Powerfuck, an elite warrior sent back in time to save the galaxy from impending doom.


A megawad GZDOOM experience that will leave you shaking on the edge of your seat as your thirst for some magnificent retroshooter action will be quenched. Bring it on!


Captain Powerfuck WAD is a work in progress. The first episode, "Master of Disaster" (containing 7 fully playable maps) is out now!





The download contains the following files:



Once downloaded into your gzdoom directory, select the files together and simultaneously drag them on your GZDOOM LAUNCHER to fire up the game properly!



Here's the link to the WAD's homepage, download can be found there!



Official Captain Powerfuck discord:


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