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What about expanding texture.lmp?

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I'm aware of freedoom dont want more textures on this current state since it can overflow the lump limit of vannila doom, but i have noticed that's still possible to do good textures using the textures.lmp whitout adding any patchs lumps in the wad itself, here's some examples from Realm667 "PATCHED UP TEXTURES" description: "Textures made using vanilla Doom 2 patches, without importing new graphics, very light weight and useful for vanilla projects."

image.png.10feacb856e82b3256953d209742b0e3.pngif you guys find this interesting i can try creating new entry textures for it while not adding any lump for freedoom at all, i'm really looking to do it.

Note: I'll not directly copy anything from the realm667 but freedoom has a good amount of patchs already that can be worked, doom, tnt, plutonia, doom2 and aquatex.

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