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My new wad VENUS.wad download below

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Well, the maps are filled with stuff like really basic geometry/level design, misaligned textures, textures that don't fit the linedefs you assigned them to, etc. But I can't help but be reminded of the maps I made when I was a teenager, lol. It was still fun to play through, and I can tell that as you made this you got a bit better at mapping, as the first level was very abstract with the way the rooms were laid out -- but as it went on, you started conforming more to the grid-lines. Also the usage of tricks such as 3d floors and deep liquid was cool to see; I couldn't do that stuff back then.


I will say that I didn't enjoy seeing areas ripped from other Doom WADs, such as the E1M1 room in the sewers level, or the Icon of Sin at the end. I think it's good to look at other maps as inspiration or to figure out how things work, but you shouldn't cut and paste entire sections of other levels into your WAD. You should always try to make your levels 100% original. Another thing I didn't like was the Icon of Sin death/pain sounds; they were very loud and obnoxious, and I can tell it was just you screaming into a mic, lol.


ALL THAT SAID, it's apparent that you're young and new to this, and I gotta say that what I'm seeing here has potential. Sure there are issues, but you're making maps, and that's what's important. If you stick with this and examine some user-made WADs such as The Ultimate Torment and Torture or Extermination Day or even the Skulltag maps, then you'll blow anything I ever did out of the water in no time.


Cheers and good luck.



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