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Ride The Sunshine

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Single player story
1st 7 new maps

(!)Jumping & Free Look required(!)

tested with GZDoom only so far

-uses hi res sprites & textures, though I tried to make them small as possible

-anyone feel free to let me know if you want me to make a smaller or simpler version of this for slower computers.
-or if there are other changes you want me to make
my email spacelion88@gmail.com

Use Light Magic Items to defeat "Snowchons," snow & ice monsters who have captured humans. Break the ice apart and free the trapped humans.

This is a light-hearted "PG" or "kid friendly" style mod, not much of graphic violence

in MAP04 you are meant to lose most or all of your ammo towards the end of the level so don't try to defeat every single monster or save ammo, just run to the exit

Video Preview

Parental Warning: This mod is based on my webcomic "Cat Lion Chronicles," which contains mature content. "Ride The Sunshine" happens to be sort of "kid friendly" but just a warning, most of my comics are not. Sorry for the inconsistency.











Edited by ((spacelion88)) : forgot video preview link

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