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[WIP] Free Standalone pack for IDTech 4 game developers

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I'm making with a friend (Snehk / Dark one) a pack with free assets (Public Domain CC0 License) for anyone who wants to make his own game using idtech 4.




Since the Doom 3 GPL (and all his forks) is GPL but the engine itself requires some Doom 3 basic assets (these are not GPL) to start and being playable, it can be a time consuming task for Indie developers to re-do every single fundamental asset from scratch to only make the engine functional and being able to start working in his own game.


That's why I'm making this Public Domain (CC0 licensed) Free Standalone pack for indie game developers.


Current version is in alpha status (since there're still some very basic Doom 3 assets: doom3_data.pk4 (28KB) )



How I run this?, just download any Doom 3 port you wanna use (Doom 3 GPL, Dhewm3, fhDoom, etc...) and put everything (.pk4s files and maps folder) inside the base folder (there should not be any other .pk4 in that folder, this is standalone)


Link alpha v05 (Moddb): https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-iii/downloads/basic-standalone-pack-for-game-developers-alpha-05




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