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Is there an official thread for new Wads to be tested?

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...Can't seem to find one. I've got a new map that I'd like tested. Anyone interested?

By testing i mean, not just is it fun but also checking texture alignment / slime trails and any other possible random oddities and also providing constructive feedback. Would be great to have at least two people testing (anyone's) maps before they get released and added to the ID WAD Database. 

I could certainly use some feedback. Cheers. 

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Just make your own thread where you post the wad that you want to share so people can play it and report problems if there are any, you can also edit this one, there isn't an official thread for new wads.

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Most folks just post the wad in a "non-permanent" place/state, such as using Dropbox.


If you're looking not to release "publicly" at all until at least some testing has been done, some people just post a thread and say something like, "If you want to test, PM me and I'll send you the wad."


There was also this thread a while back.

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Thanks for the replies. In that case if anyone wants to take my new map for a spin, please PM me. It's a simple 30min fast-paced shooter in a tech base.

Phobos at 2018.04.27 23-50-30.407 [R2787].jpg

Phobos at 2018.05.18 17-32-47.710 [R2787].jpg

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