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So I made music for my wad...

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I've been using the astonishing amount of free time on my hands to touch base with any aspect of Doom-ing I can think of, textures, sprites, and of course, mapping, but a while back, I added the task of making my own custom music to this list, listening to I don't know how many songs, game and movie ost's, and midis others have made until I finally had an idea of what I wanted.

There are two tracks, a midi(Chaos in the City) and an mp3(New Atlanta Burning), the midi is pretty much an old version of what the mp3 became (New Atlanta Burning sounds awful in midi)
They sound alright to me, but that's probably just me hearing them through rose colored headphones.
I haven't really found the sound That I want to go with so Chaos in the City is just piano, as that was the first (and only) instrument I knew how to play and had an interest in, New Atlanta Burning is probably two or three styles of music mashed together into something that isn't a horrific off key mess at least.

So I decided to post them here so that I can see what the opinion is on these, don't worry if you think they're rough (or worse), I want to know if it's great, just meah, or total trash, I wouldn't have made this post if I didn't want feedback.

So hears hoping no one's ears bleed. 


Also, if you think you could use these in your own wads, feel free, just give credit and let me know so I can check out your project!

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these are quite nice folky dirges, no ear bleeding here :3

would kinda like to hear chaos in the city backed up by a constant low string or maybe some dulcimer/zither type thing

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I think string will work, been experimenting, I want to try doing all 32 map's music, though what I am using already sounds amazing, I want to eventually make all it's custom content, including music.

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Ok, been working on this one for a bit and I'm not sure where I went wrong but the midi of it makes me laugh a bit and then cry inside, I guess not everything is destined for greatness or resembling something that can be comprehended...

I attempted to make something that would sound in place with an alien environment or ship, not sure if I succeeded but it certainly sounds....unique.

mp3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/x9pl99d25hv6wxd/I_honestly_don%27t_know_what_this_track_is.mp3/file

midi http://www.mediafire.com/file/1v5hx2d40d6zem4/I_honestly_don%27t_know_what_this_track_is_but_worse.mid/file

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