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Argent Tower

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I'm a Doom player from 94.  Working on N Switch, Doom 4, Doom 2016?

I'm on Argent tower.  After getting boots and moving out onto the crane/boom, I can't make the 'final' jump out to the tower.

I have looked at YT guides and everyone just jumps, no problem.

Can anyone tell me the controller strokes/sequence to jump out there?  

The re-set to check point has me killing 6 imps and running and jumping for 10 minutes.... before I fall into the abyss.

Frustrated that I try to double jump, and I fall each time.

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Make sure you're jumping off of the bridge and not just running off the edge, and try to wait as long as you can before doing the air jump to get as much distance out of it as you can.

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As GuyMcBrifist said, jump once at the edge and wait as long as possible before you initiate a second jump mid air.


So imagine you jump once, wait 2 seconds and tap jump again.

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