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Need Advice on a Custom Enemy

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Hello fellow Doomers, hope everyone is well.

I am working on a Jazz Jackrabbit Doom Mod and I need some advice on a specific enemy I'm trying to design myself.

Btw, I'm using Gzdoom. Doom Builder 2, Doom to Hexen format. Slade3, in case I need to include this.

The enemy I'm interested in working is called a Floating Sucker, from Jazz Jackrabbit 2: (the specific enemy is listed in the link)


I am not so sure to design an enemy, that can +Floatbob, Stay in one spot but can still hurt you once the player is close.

Thanks for any feedback!

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Give the monster Speed 0 so it won't move. Give it a Melee state and no Missile state, and adjust the MeleeRange as desired.  You could even adjust the FloatBobStength.

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Empyre, thank you so much.


I've been working on this mod for a year, and I wanted to take the challenge of editing my own DECORATE.

So, I'm still somewhat new in a way. haha


I'm having another issue though. It worked for what you shared to me, but the Thing's body is bobbing through the floor after it dies, instead of a normal dead corpse.

Any source of fixing that issue?



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I don't know the official method of fixing that, but I think that A_ChangeFlag("FLOATBOB",False) should work until somebody comes up with a better solution.

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