These download links will give you a .rar file with the full zdoom wiki offline. Runs just like the regular website but its faster!

All I did was make an offline version of the site, so modders with slow internet or limited data can just use this instead. 
Also a great resource if you want to mod using a laptop and you won't always have wifi. I'll update with a fresh download on the site on request.

This is 2gb total and it contains most of the zdoom wiki or maybe all of the zdoom wiki. Downloaded on March 21 2019.
I didn't make the Zdoom Wiki site and I haven't made anything within it, and by posting this I hope I don't offend any contributing authors. Its literally a copy of the website for people with slow or spotty internet.
To use it just extract the .rar file anywhere you want and click the html file. Open it in any browser and it should work just fine. If there are any issues, comment below or DM me I'll see what I can do.   This works in a limited sense on Android. You just need to extract with winrar and the links between pages won't work but if you find them in your file browser manually and open with a browser you'll at least have the Web pages. Not sure if there is anything I can do about that sorry.
Here it is!
Direct Download:

Torrent Download:

Pm if I am not seeding the torrent and we will work it out.