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General Editing Program Principle idea

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First of all, I find it very hard to believe my idea hasn't already been implemented, but I'm not aware of any software that does it. Second of all, let me explain the impetus for my idea: whenever I try to learn a new editing software, it is a very painful experience for me, often leaving me to give up entirely. One thing I really want to do is make midis, but I find learning the software to be painful. There's like a million features and all I want to do is put down some notes.


On google.com right now there is a cool little Bach harmonizer thing. You put down some notes, and then it harmonizes. Now here is about the simplicity I'm looking for. Place some notes; play them back. So my idea or wish for editing software is an option to turn off all features. And then maybe build into the software a huge search-database-thing to make it easy to turn on the feature that you want.  For example, after a few runs of the Bach harmonizer on google.com I realized there was no option for sharps or flats.


Now let's say the Google Bach harmonizer thing was actually a simple midi editing tool (like a typical piece of software you download off the internet). Maybe I could find how to turn on sharps/flats in the tool menu. But if I couldn't, then I could search in the big help-database-thing for something like "enable sharps/flats" and then I'd get some search results and I'd click the one that matched what I was aiming for (for the software to reveal options for adding sharp and flat notes). Now let's say the next thing I want to do is add harmony (let's say this Bach program is a real program and not a little online harmonizing gimmick thing). So the next thing I realize is, I want to add some harmony. Now I suppose there is a technical term for adding another line of music, but I don't know what it is, so I search in the help database thing for "add harmony" and then I look through the results and find the one that adds the music line so I can add some treble notes. Now let's say I realize that the default length of the notes is too short (kinda staccato). I want the notes to play longer. I should be able to search for "piano pedal" or "make notes longer" to find the feature I am looking for to turn on a piano pedal or a right click option for changing the length of time a note is played (or however this is best handled). 


Basically, the gist of how I think editing software should be made is to have a n00b mode: the option to turn off all the features of a program so that someone starting out can just do super simple stuff like add notes. Then when they realize they want to do more stuff they can add the feature they want. Rather than opening a program and having a million buttons and menus and bars and what not that is just kinda painful for someone just starting out. It would be awesome if something like this existed for video editing software as well. (You guessed it! All I want to do is cut the clip; nothing fancy).


Anyway, I think such a software could be a huge hit, but I don't know how to program.

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I basically agree with you, that most more complex software should have a kind of "ease in" mode, where it doesn't show you all the options just jet. Some programs do have an "advanced" mode, which comes really close. The only alternative at the moment is, to try and start out with a simpler software and then later on, upgrading to a more advanced completely different software.

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