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Got this error (Doom Builded 2)


I'm trying to open a map with db 2 and got two error messages and the level does not open. This from doom builder:


Unable to build the nodes: The nodebuilder failed to build the expected 
data structures.
The map will be saved without the nodes.


Second one from PrBoom+:


P_SetupLevel: Level wad structute is incomplete. There is no ML_SSECTORS lump.


Someone know how eventually solve this ? 

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2 answers to this question

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You need to run it through a node builder, stuff like ZDBSP, ZokumBSP, etc. Doom levels can't be played without a proper BSP structure.


See also this thread.


Lastly, consider moving on from DB2 to either Doom Builder X, or GZDoom Builder Bugfix. DB2 is no longer developed, but both of those are forks of it.

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