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xDRE brute-force help

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Hi, i was trying to use the "brute force" option in xdre(v2.21), but i can't understand a single thing about it, so i'm asking here what it does and how to use it. 

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Nothing new, but while searching the forums I found this:


Hope it helps

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Pretty much that, except now you can have SL50 to SL0 too.



strafe cmds: 50:0 means it starts the bruteforce from SR50 then SR49.... SR0 is the final one.

run cmds: 50:0 means MF50, MF49... MF1, MF0.

turn cmds: 10:0 means it starts the bruteforce from turn LEFT 10, turn left 9, .... turn left 1, no turn.


Negative values do the opposite, so turn right would be: turn cmds: 0:-10 for example. Backwards would be: run cmds: -50.


The bruteforce is mostly used for performing glides, ".000" tricks and in some rare cases, some difficult turns and wallruns.


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