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First WAD: 'Monster Cargo'

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Thanks for supporting developers by allowing them to share maps like this. I had a ton of fun making my first map, learning, and being creative. I've checked out some other maps in the forum and have learned some great tips from the comments. Very valuable.


About my map:


  • Vanilla Doom 2 (Doom2.wad)
  • Made in DoomBuilder
  • Tested with Chocolate Doom
  • Only one difficulty
  • MAP01
  • Two secret areas (but I don't know how to 'set' them as secrets)


I aimed for realism, like realistic placement of enemies, equipment, guns, and so on, and a map that 'feels like somewhere', as mentioned in a comment to another poster's first map. I also attempted contrast in lighting and space. Still some things to learn.


See screens attached.







Monster Cargo.zip

Edited by dgmccool : Deleted map view image; fixed bugs

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I enjoyed it. Pretty easy but fun nonetheless. I found a couple of bugs though.




That happened when I pressed that wall. Then I pressed it again...




That happened.


Also this switch did nothing for me. Unless I'm missing something?




Hope this helps.

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Apart from maybe the level being a bit visually bland and a bit contrasty at times the game play was all there and fun. good low level wad. Way better than my first wad

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9 hours ago, UNERXAi said:

I enjoyed it. Pretty easy but fun nonetheless. I found a couple of bugs though.


I've fixed those two problems you've mentioned. Many thanks!


(And: I wanted to have a button there but haven't learned how to make it work, yet. It was sloppy of me to not delete it initially.)


I really appreciate your interest and time in trying my map and the care to give feedback.

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You're welcome. I played the new file and it's pretty solid. There's a few minor cosmetic issues like textures not aligned and cut off ceiling lights. Also one of the yellow key doors was bright (the sector) for no reason. But overall it's a nice map!

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Hello, i tooked the liberty to play your wad and posted it on my youtube channel. I do it for fun and to encourage new map makers. Congrats for your first Wad.


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