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Help Finding "Cloud" Level

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I am a relatively casual Doom player, having only just gone back (in past 3 years) and played some of the recent greats (BTSX1/2, Ancient Aliens, DTWiD, Plutonia II, TNT: Revilution, Moonblood, etc.) and other various megawads (1024, 2048, Community Chests, etc.). In some of this rampant Dooming, certain levels have stuck with me and I seek to go back and appreciate them more. Essentially, I'm having trouble figuring out which mega-wad this particular level is in. What I remember about it was that it had a  cloud/tower theme with multiple warps throughout the map. I think from the start position you headed forward and then left up and around a tower (or elevator?) that eventually led to a warp which propelled you across to other areas of the map. I cannot remember too many other details besides the floor tiles being unique (or transparent maybe?), some cloud textures or skies, and definitely it had enemies and secrets and keys and the like. And it was not a single level, it was a part of a megawad. Certainly it would be from a wad/megawad in the past 5-10 or so years based on the unique elements of the map and textures. Anyone have any idea of the specific level I'm describing?


Anyway, cheers to the Doom community for putting out so many cool levels and giving experiences that can be anxiety-ridden/scary/puzzling/contemplative/calming. I've tried to go back and play most of the Cacoawards of recent years and it has been a blast.

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Ancient Aliens Map24 had cloud/tower map. Maybe it's this one?

Edit, I'm adding screenshot:


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You're completely right. https://youtu.be/l_WxLORClZg helped confirm it. Such an amazing WAD in general, but that level sticks out as something like.. is this really Doom!? So much detail and focus on verticality (seriously props to skillsaw; apparently I like all of his work). Thank you for helping!

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