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HD Wrath of Cronos WIP Personal Mod, (show tell ask)

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Ive been working on this for about a few months now. Except I started it in Wrath of Cronos for Heretic and nearly finished it until I realized,... I wanted more monster types.

so then, story goes, I remake it all over again through Wrath of Cronos Doom version due to oblige support, and all the other resource mods out there etc. Just more options, more fun, superior build to do it in Doom side, not hexen or heretic. 


Would be even more superior with GZDOOM, amazingly more, tried so much. But just not compatible.


Okay nice story. Why am I showing these screen shots and posting a topic.




I need to know if this will ever be released to the public when completed, or will I simply tell everyone I'm so sorry, but due to permissions I get to keep the gold:? Life isnt fair is it? Its all up to getting help with everyone and support to allow the modified compilation of mods to be placed on here so others can enjoy... HD Wrath of Cronos. Maybe we can. I can say only a few things about it now.


Okay nice story. Some organization...



This compilation modificated polished turd (WIP INCOMPLETE & NOT WORRIED IF I CAN, can be done) is.... about 10-20 mods, WOC being like 5 of them, NOTHEXEN, DOOMPATCH, etc. all are generally dependent on each other , modified onto and making love to each other, that the group can't really be seperated, its all just 1 mod. Hope that makes sense.



-Unlike original WOC, the zdoom port cant handle all this love, naturally, the monsters are being reduced to 100 from 150-700 per map, and maps are regular size, else expect to fight the LAG BOSS. Monsters are stronger, less zerg like (millions), more focus on some Skyrim fights, well not really, just quality over quantity. Less , stronger, varied, monsters. Uniqueness. (sum this whole sentence as less monsters! more respect for those you face)

-Designed for oblige OBaddon, for doom. The texture pack makes 3 biomes, forest/swamp, snow/ice, and hell/fire themes. My oblige themes also modified, I had to. The things/monsters random generator, is remade to put ice monsters in the ice biome, (biome meaning a snow map) , and hell to hell, forest to forest. So lost souls only seen in hell, magma serpent, in screenshot, for only hell. Roach for swamp. ETC ETC. 

(Okay to sum it up, this HD Wrath of Cronos is catered to mostly just work in balanced fashion(difficulty) for oblige maps, using my themes.) Make a random mapset, play it HD seemlessly. 

-Everything HD. Is goal. HD and Models. Models first, then hd sprites if no resource, then ugly original sprite, if ever have to resort to it.



Slower starting movespeed.

Slightly less Magicky 

Nerfed Pets. They are op with less monsters

Monster random spawns more organized based on the theme of the map.

Stronger, Less Monsters.



-I can use help eventually with someone replacing the hud weapons, no plans to swap, I tried with nueral textures.

-I work full time 40 hours, and part time 20-30 hours. I don't have a ton of time to ask permissions from mod authors, may never release this if that is a road block, I don't want credit. I want to share gold. Also, many textures (skins of creatures or items) I did create myself, sometimes altered, or completely original. I don't care if my work was used in another project. Im just not like that and doing this for fun, and for everyone. So I'm having a debattle, debate/battle. I coined that term! I'm having a debattle with how the heck to just make, finish this, then pop it out for everyone. If I see an asset, I want to use it! I don't mind crediting! I don't need credit.


Help me out!


Oh by the way some minecraft texture packs are released with doom stuff! I saw it. Said, why cant I! They took x,y,z.!! 


Okay another thing I could use help on. I cannot access the WOC ACS scripts. Or other compiled scripts. Read online, I guess original WOC Auther has source. I need access to modify the pet costs, and other stuff, or ask him to do it? OR someone? I have no access to modify those things, would love it. Pets summons are a big problem. OP in late game level 40-50 plus. I have hp reduced, but I dont want that done, would like to restore it. Id prefer the proper make pets cost more to summon so they are strong, and youd have to invest everything into them to get to that level, of OPness, perhaps by level70+++ . I read lvl50 by map 32 usually.



Just a side note, due to the problems with no access to ACS scripts, compiled, I cant fully alter the random spawns. To make them work with themes, I have to make in oblige a 32 map wad, all snow, then another, all hell, and then forest, 96 maps, and mix match and make a custom wad for everyone. Make a few, multiple, but like 3-5 of them with stories. I will if need. I prefer not. I prefer instead the randoms fixed, ( i know the code to use but no access to ACS) if random spawns were fixed, I could instead give out my custom oblige themes, then anyone... can infinitely make oblige maps and wrath cronos for infinity. But dont add over 100 monsters. I warned! LAG BOSS.


If make a custom wad, I also may instead just do a 100 map wad, and ask for help on here... to make it... open world. Meaning, exits allow you to revisit places like dark souls 2, different directions, then come back, then go the snow path, then back, then the hell path, then back, then finally the end boss you couldn't beat untill finally... 50 hours later.



If this looks like suck, just say "The hell with you, go to hell. Screw this debattles. I'm done reading your jargon." and I'll just... say... NP was a lot of work anyway, will finish for self and play, bc I do work normal jobs anyway. Only bonus may be playing online with others or not, but the single play fun by itself.


I post all the above crap to see what the best idea is. NO NO NO not going to make all custom models  and content.! I mean I have already, but its just smart to build off of the community and work together, getr done










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If I showed the succubus model and skin Id bee banned. You don't even want to know what I did to her. People of Skyrim, those mods, skin mods. Her front side. Oh a personal collection, like imps? why wait. Shes on my computer screen ______ ENOUGH I have nothing for imps! How is it my fault she decided to be in doomrandom mod, I had to make her 3d. ITs their fault. Her skin somewhat messed up anyway who cares! Okay it be changed if this were ALLOWED TO BE released . shall see

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example skin texture original below. the snow serpent(or ice) not renamed yet; The front side ingame looks great but i died before i could screenshot it so just posting a texture example.







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That's a cool chaos serpent model, Slyrr's model from doomsday I believe. But the texture could use sone recolor lol! Where's that model from?

Edited by ShadesMaster

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Most likely Doomsday. I seperated the code for the rider from the serpent, I wasn't sure if it would work but it happened, so serpent now standalone. With textures, I find them all as improvements to the originals, its the uv mapping, i dont have blender, so when im reskinning, i only know half of what it will look like on the model once its done. See example of texture snow serpent on here vs in game. It looks awesome until placed on model. Im guessing i have to make textures thru blender or something, I never used program before, just read on it.

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