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Doom Expanded 2.0 [RELEASED]

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Doom Expanded 2.0 Download


Expanded 2.0 ZDOOM Thread


Blue Shadow's NC HUD with Expanded Patch


Welcome to Doom Expanded, a gameplay/presentation GZDOOM mod for use with the original Doom IWADs.  This mod has been a passion project of mine that I have worked on and off for the better part of 8 years (since 2011).  What started out as a simple gameplay mod evolved over time to be a comprehensive project that I wanted to get the most out of.  This is with the ultimate purpose of putting a new shine on a classic game series.  Now after all of my efforts, I can finally share that hard work with you!
The purpose of this modification is to add a number of graphical, sound, and gameplay enhancements as well as other tweaks and additions to the classic Doom experience while keeping the original gameplay intact. This mod's focus is to keep the fast and fun style of the original Doom series, but add new detail and a better overall presentation to the classic games and any custom maps which use their resources.  You can use this mod with any Doom IWADs (DOOM, DOOM2, TNT, PLUTONIA, NERVE), or even together with any kind of PWADs that use Vanilla based resources, contain minimal/moderate changes in resources, or have DECORATE/DEHACKED information that's independent of anything that's in Expanded. You can try to mix and match mods, but be sure to keep in mind the features of both Expanded and the pk3/wad your using with it (as they may or may not work properly with each other).  Please be sure to check out the sections below for more details, and happy demon hunting!!


A Note about Bug Reporting:

While this mod is content complete, I'm allowing you guys to check it out and give your thoughts on the project.  I would greatly appreciate the feedback and any information regarding issues would be appreciated as I've really been this mods only bug tester.  So if you do encounter any issues during gameplay, please provide the following information:
1.What exactly you were doing at the time.
2.Any information related to source port settings (should they be involved).
3.Screenshots would really help if you can snag them.
4.Video is also appreciated if you can recreate or show off issues that way.



General List of Features:

-Updated Vanilla monsters with new sounds, gore, and alternate deaths.
-New blood and gore effects (compliments of edited NashGore resources).
-Monsters have accurate blood color (Baron/HK = Green, Caco = Blue).
-New translucent Spectre with black blood.
-New GL effects for Monsters (fireballs, glowing bodies, and new Lost Soul).
-Smooth animated weapons with enhanced sounds, sprites, and effects.
-Bullet and Shell casings for Pistol, Shotgun, Super Shotgun, and Chaingun.
-New explosion and plasma effects.
-All items now have new sounds, and some even have new sprites.
-High-res versions of the classic Doom sounds, alongside new sound effects.
-New world sounds like ricochet bullets, body thuds, and weapon drops.
-All new wall decal effects (bullets, saw marks, scorches, blood, etc).
-New OpenGL light and sprite effects for lamps, torches, and other light sources.
-Warp effects for all liquid flats.
-OpenGL Glow effects for various light based flats.
-Brightmaps for characters, items, decor, flats, and wall textures.
-New Splash effects for liquids.
-Updated and fixed Doom 2 Cast Call with new monsters.
-Additional player skin "Doomgal", for equal opportunity demon killing.
-New difficulty setting, "Ultra-Nightmare", for your own personal sadism.
-Super Shotgun can be used in Doom 1/Ultimate (with settings/cheats).
-New secret weapon.
-And much more!



Recommended Settings (As of GZDOOM Ver. 3.7.2):

Only the recommended settings needed for Doom Expanded will be listed here along with their location.


Player Options:
-No custom skins preferred (unless made compatible).


HUD Options:
-All Weapons are designed to be NameTag compatible.
-Mod has Normal/Alternate HUD compatibility.


Display Options (Normal):
Show ENDOOM Screen: ON (If preferred)
Rocket Trails: Particles*
Blood Type: Sprites*
Bullet Puff Type: Sprites*

*Essentially the defaults.


Display Options (OpenGL):
Sector Light Mode: (Any which are dark or close to original software brightness)
Enhanced Night Vision Mode: OFF (May cause graphic issues if enabled)
Adjust Sprite Clipping: Smarter
Sprite Billboard: X/Y Axis


Display Options (Dynamic Lights):
All Settings (ON & YES)


Set Video Mode:
Render Mode: OpenGL-Accelerated




E1M5: Phobos Lab


E3M5: Unholy Cathedral


E4M2: Perfect Hatred


MAP11: 'O' of Destruction



Video Demos (YouTube):
E2M2: Containment Area

MAP05: The Waste Tunnels

MAP26: The Abandoned Mines



There are some questions that I'm expected to be asked, so I'll try addressing some of them here.


Q: Can you add X/Y content into the mod?
A:  Expanded is content complete, and short of making sure everything worked, I'm very much done working on it (Seriously, 8 years is where I draw the line).


Q: Can I make mods for Expanded or use content from here for my own projects?
A: Yes and yes, but for the latter, be sure to get the permissions from the original creators (see Credits section below).


Q: I don't much care for a lot of these new sound effects.  Any chance you can put back the old ones?
A: One of the extras included is a "Classic Sounds" edition of Expanded, enjoy!



Credits (Resources & People):
This is a list of resources and gameplay mods in the making of DOOM Expanded.
Permissions were sought from content authors where possible.
NOTE: Original Wad authors with be listed in brackets.

1.Original Doom IWADS and related sources
[Author: ID Software]
-Reference for sprite names and such.
-Other general resources.


[Author: Myself, with special thanks to FDARI for extra DECORATE help]
-A smooth animated BFG 9000!


[Author: Kaiser]
-For certain Console Doom sound effects and fonts.
-A recommended download!


[Author: Enjay]
-Used for reference.
-Inspired blood fade effects for smoother framerate.


[Author: Perkristian]
-For smooth weapons animation (Except BFG/Chainsaw).
-Recommended download!


[Author: Perkristian]
-HQ versions of classic Doom sounds.


7.Beautiful Doom Versions 5.0/5.3/6.3.1
[Author: Jekyll Grim Payne aka zer0]
-Various sound and sprite resources.


8.Doom Enhanced/ReDoom
[Author: Kinsie]
-Sounds and various resources.


9.enhanced.wad (mod that combined ReDoom and pk_weapports.wad)
[Original Compiler: Unknown]
-Project base.


10.Mutiny 2.0
[Author: Woolie Wool]
-Reference and resource pool.
-Recommended download!


[Author: Nash]
-Implemented wad features and edited them.
-Recommended resource download!


12.Particle Fire Enhancer Mod Version 0.8 (PFEnh.pk3)
[Author: Z86]
-More alt deaths, references, and Doom 3 sounds.


13.Doom IWADs Super Brightmaps (SBrightmaps.pk3)
[Author: Z86]
-Resource for game brightmaps.


14.ZDoom Resource Pack
[Author: Keksdose]
-New Light and fire effects.


15.qstyle.pk3 (Quake Style)
[Author: Jay Richard aka SilentZorah]
-That one new weapon...


16.Lights.pk3 (Official GZDoom file)
[Author: Christoph Oelckers aka Graf Zahl]
-Official GZDoom OpenGL Lighting effects adapted for Expanded.


[Author: KDiZD Team]
-New Armor Sprites (edited).


[Author: Enjay]
-Terrain splash info.


[Author: Revenant100 aka Marphy Black]
-Used for a small number of minor sprite fixes.


[Author: Alice Jameson]
-DoomGal "Selene" player skin resource.


[Author: Alice Jameson]
-Duke's been bad...
-See you on MAP32!


[Author: Zrrion the Insect]
-Adds swarm of flies to existing corpses found in levels.


[Authors: Ghastly_dragon, Vader, Captain Toenail]
-Adds Doom 3's Wraith as a bonus monster (with a number of adaptive edits from me).

Special Thanks to all the people on the forums who helped in some way:
Alice Jameson - for "DoomGal" and Hanging Duke Nukem.
BlueShadow - for his continued help and his modified NCHUD for Expanded.
b00mstick - for making me aware of issues with OpenGL effects.
ChronoSeth - for help with fixing the Revenant.
Da Werecat - for pointing out issues with the Compatibility Options.
E.C.S. - for Unmaker pickup sprite.
Enjay - for his help and resource mods.
FDARI - for BFG animation coding and help.
FistMarine - for play testing and continued support.
hfc2x - for sharing resources and support.
Minigunner - for custom sprites: Zombieman Alt-Death edit, gloved fists, etc.
Nash - for NashGore.
Perkristian - for the smooth weapons mod.
Ragnor - for suggesting a classic sound version and his continued support.
SilentZorah - for permission to use the Unmaker.
Skunk - for his amazing intermission map (See Extras.txt).
terranova - for play testing.
WildWeasel - for Plasma Rifle DECORATE help.
Z86 - for Permission to use his mods.
Zombieguy - for his Super Shotgun base sprite and other resources.
Zrrion the Insect - For the Swarm Spawner mod.

And a Special Thanks to the ZDoom and GZDoom teams for making this mod possible.

And a Very Special Thanks to ID Software for the Doom series.

Edited by BlueFireZ88 : Download link update

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Hello! In Decorate files, 

Obituary "OB_UNMAKER"

should be

Obituary "$OB_UNMAKER"

Nothing found besides that :)

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Thanks for pointing that out, I went ahead and fixed it and put up the updated file in the first post.


Keep in mind, the Obituary message for the Unmaker will only appear in multiplayer against other players.  It won't appear if you accidentally kill yourself with the weapon, DOOM's set up with a message for that already.


Please keep me posted if you find any other issues and continue to enjoy the mod!!

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Oh cool :D


This has always been my favourite mod for the game, nice to see it revived! I still dont have a working computer after several years, but I can play with this on my brother's laptop from time to time.

Last time I played with Doom Expanded was a few years back, when I was playing Jim Flynn's non-master levels works in a marathon, this mod adds so much to classic stuff without breaking the core gameplay like a lot of mods do.


Ive also repeatedly suggested the mod to people looking to get into the original game, but its gotten harder to find over the years, this new release helps out a ton there

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I've been dealing with life and fighting with my own personal lack of motivation to finish this.  My only regret is not getting this overhauled version out sooner.  Believe me, I'm glad that their are still a good number of people who still get some serious enjoyment from this mod.  This is what I wanted out of a gameplay mod, and for me that's good and, of course, fun.  But I was always worried that the amount of work that I put into this would go ignored and this mod would go nowhere except back into my hands and hard drive.


So again, thank you all for enjoying what I made!!

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I remember this mod because of the great looking particle effects, especially the torches, and I unceremoniously ripped them for my old unreleased mega overhaul mod lol.

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The fire effects comes from a mod called the ZDoom Resource Pack by a guy named Kekdose.  I certainly don't mind anybody using resources from Expanded, just be sure to check the Credits in the Readme and verify if the resources your borrowing are something I borrowed from someone else and credit them.  Seems only fair.


Besides, you can imagine how much of a pain in the butt it was to get all this stuff working together.  That was no easy feat.

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Ah hell, it was Kekdose then, yeah, at the time his effects were pretty nuts and kinda taxing on my old crap box.

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Update for Expanded:

I've been playing the Doom games officially with Expanded, but I ended up coming across a few minor errors I wanted to address.

The first post has an updated download with these fixes for both regular and Classic Sound editions of the mod.

The fixes are as follows:
-One of the large blood decals (for when you shot a demon close to a wall) was misaligned with one of the animated blood smears.  This has been fixed and the others have been verified to work as well.
-The Lost Soul's original "Active" sound (which, for Expanded, is from PSX Doom) sounded too similar to its "Attack" sound.  With a little sound editing, I made something a bit more independent based on what I had already.  Please let me know what you think.  It might be tricky to hear as it's mixed in with the sounds from the Lost Soul's fire effects.
-I noticed a bug where some Lost Souls weren't on fire during play, especially if there were a lot of them present.  I wasn't sure how entirely to fix this, but I tried mitigating the problem by altering their coded "Spawn" behavior to have similarities to Expanded's version of the Spectre.  In other words, Lost Souls will start out floating with no fire, but if they hear the player or are attacked by them, they engulf themselves in flames and retaliate as you would expect.  This will hopefully lessen the number of active torch effects in the level at a time and boost performance for those who have issues with them as well.  Please let me know if you see any other problems with them.

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It seems that GZDOOM version 4.0.0 had dropped fairly recently, and that newer versions are coming as well. I went ahead and checked Expanded, and it seems to work just fine with the new version.

That said, I only had one minor issue (which I fixed), where I was forced to rename the Automap powerup replacement due to some kind of coding conflict with the new source port version (mainly relating to the GL lighting effects). Use "summon/give amap" for all of your automap using needs.

I placed the updated download in the first thread post per usual.

It's important that anyone using GZDOOM Version 4.0 and up lets me know of any further issues with Expanded so I can address them as quickly as possible.

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Was the warping liquids thing ever able to be disabled? I had problems with them messing up a lot of pwads back in the day with the old version, like random floor textures on Perdition's Gate warping like it was liquid.

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If it was prior to Expanded 2.0, then it's likely that there were some other tentacle style textures that had the warp featured, but I removed that later in favor of strictly liquids.  It's shouldn't be an issue now, just keep in mind what textures are being replaced in PG.  The only known issues I know of with PG should be some minor brightmap issues and whatever the hell the mapper was thinking with MAPS 31/32 with those attempts at making underwater sections (prior to there being proper underwater effects with ZDOOM).

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ah yes, the brain/tentacle textures warped too, forgot all about that. In PG itself, it was a normal white floor that warped, stood out like a sore thumb. I tended to use Expanded for any PWAD that didnt outright replace monsters, and expanded lite for anything that did.

(Still need to find time to try 2.0, but theres a lot of prep work and im mired down in a lot of computer work atm)

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There's going to be an update here soon. But I need an opinion before I go forward with this.

I found a serious issue while playing the Master Levels, specifically the level Bad Dream (TEETH.wad). I found that all those cyberdemons being crushed at the same time causes the frame rate to drop to the single digits while Expanded is loaded. Specifically, all of the blood sprites being generated by the damaged cybers seems to be the cause. I noticed that leaving only the flying blood effects and taking out the blood spot sprites (the blood sprites that remain on the ground for a time) seems to subside the issue enough for it to be playable. The blood now seems to work more akin to how it does in vanilla doom (shows up briefly. then disappears when hits the ground).

I wanted to ask if it was ok if I made the blood behave more like vanilla, or should I try to look into replacing the blood spots with something like floor decals? Nashgore has a new version which has these effects, and I can ask permission to use it. The former isn't going to be as bloody as before, but it would help with framerate with those who experience issues with it.

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I have no problem with Vanilla like blood, but you should DEFINITELY look into NashGore's upcoming version. Its supposed to have a major improvement in performance, and in my experience, the only time I've had serious lag using .9 version is when playing with LegenDoom for some reason.

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Mod Update (download in the first post), funny enough, both dealing with issues with Master Levels TEETH.WAD (both Express Elevator to Hell and Bad Dream).

-I changed the radius of both Techlamps and light Column from 16 to 8 as they were impossible to pass in the final hallway in Express Elevator (this wasn't the case in Vanilla).
-Struck a balance in the blood issue by reducing the Blood actors down to flying blood and keeping Blood Spots for only 5 seconds instead of 15. This doesn't 100% fix the frame rate issue with Bad Dream, but performance is improved enough to get through it with not to much trouble. Demon gibs also disappear quicker as well (from 30 to 10 seconds) for sake of consistency and framerate.

Please let me know of your opinions on the tweaks to the blood effects and if any issues arise. Thanks everyone!!

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Minor bug fix:

-Lost Soul fire-less "Spawn" state was still giving off an GL lighting effect, even though there's obviously no light source.  So I may a quick fix for that, and now it should work properly.  Newest version is in the first post per usual.

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Got time to play it, on the lastest GZDoom version, and I think I have messed up everything, as the lights look very..ugly.

Noticed a lot of little differences in this version, I miss the old Berserk scream from..Doom 3 I think?, and the alt HUD is missing, as well as DE Lite, which was good for stuff like Hell to Pay that changed monsters.

So what have I broken or screwed up in my settings to get the lights looking like this? Keep in mind this was literally the first time playing PC Doom in years xD




EDIT: Turns out software rendering had turned itself on, odd. All fixed now. But yeah...thats what it looks like in software mode I guess, ahaha. So, when I run Expanded with Doom/Doom2/Final Doom, do I keep lights and brightmaps in the start screen, or turn them off? I imagine DE has its own versions, but just to be sure..

Edited by Devalaous

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Yeah, in regards to the screenshot, I was going to say, you had it in software mode.  But you already pieced that together.


I do want to address a few things you mentioned, sorry for the delayed response.


-I changed the berserk sound as since I included Doomgal, it didn't make much sense to have it anymore as it didn't fit at all.  I'm sure certain things would have been different if I didn't opt for the female skin, but that's just how it is.  Believe me, I liked the sound too.


-The alt hud still exists, however, the main developer behind it, BlueShadow, is in the process of updating it.  My patch for the hud is ready, it's whenever he decides to release his newer version, I'll link it on both Expanded threads for download.  So it is coming.


-I'm not %100 committed to the idea of an Expanded Lite this time around.  But I'll be honest, your not the only one whose mentioned it.  If I ultimately decide to do it, I want to be sure that regular/CS Expanded are as ironed out as they can be before starting Lite.  Then we'll see.


-To answer your question: Yes, Expanded has it's own lights, brightmaps, resources, etc.  Short of the extras that came with it, you really don't need anything else to get these running with the base games.

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Discovered an issue in Evilution MAP29 (River Styx) that made it impossible to finish the level without using "noclip".

-Found that the blue torches that lined both sides of an archway in the temple of this level were too close together with Expanded active, blocking the path to proceed. However this wasn't the case when I checked the level again in normal Vanilla Doom. as the torches were found to be further apart. I discovered that the actor flag I was using on torches and tech lamps, FIXMAPTHINGPOS was the cause. With some additional testing, I found this flag to be the actual cause of the issue with the Master Levels Express Elevator's impassible last section. Therefore, I have removed this flag from all items containing it (Torches, Lamps, Boom Barrel), so this should no longer cause any impassible situations or visual glitches.

This issue, per usual, has been addressed in both regular and CS versions of the mod, and the updated package can be downloaded from the first post.





Also, one more thing, that hall from Evilution Map 30 (Last Call) should look like this screenshot with Expanded:1406335892_LastCall.png.c0e93cc94ff685179520052d26a17340.png

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Recently finished play testing Plutonia and I can confirm that I have gotten through all commercially released DOOM levels (including Romero's Sigil) with no further issues with the current build of Expanded.


With that being said, I have a couple of announcements for the mod:


1.An Expanded Patch is set to be bundled with the next release of Blue Shadow's NC HUD, meaning that those who have been waiting for a matching hud with Expanded will finally have it.  Once I get the word on it's release, I will post the link in the thread.


2.Expanded Lite will be the last major extra I will work on for this mod pack.  I know I have neglected partial conversion compatibility, and I want to address it with something that fits in with the rest of the content presented.  I will give further updates on this extra soon.


Please continue to leave your feedback, suggestions, and bug reports right here on the thread!  Thank you all for your continued support of Expanded!!

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I must apologize for lack of updates on this thread, but as I promised: Expanded Lite is now included with the Expanded Extras. Simply download a fresh copy from the first post and check the Extras folder.

Expanded Lite should hopefully give you a few extra trappings with some of your favorite Partial Conversions.

Right now, the Expanded HUD is all that's left to wait for. And as I've said previously:

On 6/16/2019 at 2:30 PM, BlueFireZ88 said:

An Expanded Patch is set to be bundled with the next release of BlueShadow's NC HUD, meaning that those who have been waiting for a matching hud with Expanded will finally have it.  Once I get the word on it's release, I will post the link in the thread.


I hope everyone has been enjoying Expanded, and please continue to leave your feedback and support!! Happy demon hunting!!

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Last major update for Expanded:

Blue Shadow's NC HUD is now updated and includes a patch for Doom Expanded which we both co-developed. Link to the official NC HUD thread is in the first post at the top.

Nab it today!

I just want to take a moment to say thank you all who have enjoyed and supported Expanded and that it's been a long journey to get to the point where I can finally say that it's finished. I will continue to support the mod a leave available to download for those who wish to play it. I don't expect a lot of activity on the Expanded threads going forward, but would hope that they would remain open for you all to continue leaving suggestions and reporting bugs if necessary. Please continue to enjoy Expanded and please continue to leave your support! Happy hunting!!

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It would be cool if you added different skin variations for monsters. For example, imp can be red, brown, can be black, pink. Some zombies will have helmets on their heads, some will have different color armor. And so on. You could also add new weapons. And yes, it’s very cool that you added damage to Doomguy's hands, I really like it!

Edited by Armolitskiy

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Post-Mortem Update:

-Increased the firing rate o the Chainsaw and BFG as they weren't entirely accurate to the originals. And it annoyed me greatly!!

Yes I'm still supporting this mod. Check it out!!

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