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Mixed Reality Doom with Wadloader

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Now that the wadloader is working with the Android build, I need to figure out what I'm doing with this.


I made another stable android/UWP software package which allows anyone with any contemporary cell phone to enjoy oldschool mixed reality 2.5dimension experiences. 


What is Mixed Reality doom you may ask? Well, using a Stereoscope, (google cardboard), or a Microsoft Hololens, you can anchor the doom game world to the real world. This way, you can physically run around doom levels with your squishy human body, and experience what us kids dreamed of back when it was released.


The software package isn't SPECIFICALLY designed for Doom; one of the other forum members half-built a unity wadloader and open sourced it. I finished adding it to my software package as a means of quickly prototyping levels (as an alternative to rebuilding everything in unity scenes). Another words, you and I don't have to manually map out game levels; you can simply import the pre-built wads directly into the software. You CAN either build your own game levels, or use the random demon generator as per picture 1.


The reason for this rendering package, (and included a wadloader), is due to the low overhead of the GPU. Mixed reality systems (Microsoft Hololens, or vuforia based floating frame android packages like Pokemon Go!), use direct video feed of your device to calculate and triangulate positioning to give the illusion of mixed reality. One doom monster is only about 50 kilobites of texture data, and I wanted to render lots of sprites as enemies at one time. 


Please remember; you don't HAVE to use the WADLOADER. I chose to add it to the software, because this method of rendering content is far more efficient than models & meshes. DOOM is the most similar, which is why I post it here.


Anyways, I don't know how to proceed. I need to make money, and have a LOT of different means of going forward. I can easily make my own video game by swapping out the shareware models, but to be honest, I'm not sure if anyone would pay for such a .99$ game.


What do you guys think? 


PS: Before anyone asks; yes this is directly related to my previous post (Same software, just 3+months dev), which I stopped once it degraded. I humbly ask the same doesn't occur here.


I really want to start something grand.



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- Solved a software problem using a mapbaking hack



The wadloader, which does an excellent job of pulling .WAD resources into Unity, isn't compatible with the countless nav mesh options, (the thing which controls the AI of the monsters). This was solved by using meshbaker during runtime to compile the map bits into a static mesh. Now, I can build a nav mesh using Unity's built in software. This is generally used for optimization. Preferably, I would rip the maps, textures, code (placement of stuff), so I could have more control over the maps once I go to build. I'm pretty sure it can be solved with more experience in MeshBaker, but for the time being it solves a crucial problem.


This is exclusively a problem with ripping the shareware doom assets, and making it run on mixed reality headsets. Maps made from scratch in unity aren't affected by this problem, (and I'll be including a bunch).


- Multiplayer build using the TANKS!!! package


Since multiple devices (cell phones to help triangulate), need to be networked together for numerous reasons, I had to redesign the software from the ground up...... yet again. This time, I'm building it on the TANKS!!! package, which was literally the ONLY working free multiplayer asset in the whole unity store.


This is needed for a number of reasons. First off, TANKS!!! is a cross-platform multiplayer asset with both singleplayer and multiplayer functionality. Worst case scenario, what I have right now can be edited into a nice pretty download which has most of the core functionality of shareware DOOM. This is important, because I'm not John Romero with countless Devil Grands at my disposal to pay for gayme development. Instead, I may quickly throw out a prototype build for everyone to test.


Which brings me to the underlying problem of Unity networking options: The max CCU (concurrent users), is only 20 under traditional networking. This means once compiled, only 20 cell phones can be used at one time. This could be 20 separate users with ceiling arrays, or 10 users using two phones each, or one user being viewed by an array of 19 phones. I won't be able to freely release this without a complete rework of the network code, money to buy networking, and/or forcing the betatesters to build their own unity projects. There are working solutions; Forge Networking is a nice free alternative, however it would probably require a FN specialist and 100 hrs paid work.


The GOOD news is once all this stuff is modified, I may start recording demo videos with multiple cameras. This is important for the creation of a more streamlined "lasertag" like experience.

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When I read Mixed Reality, I thought this was going to be about a mod to make Doom VR compatible. I have an WMR Acer which kind of confused me.


So anyway, this makes me wan't Pokemon go style game but with Doom demons.



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