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When I am recalling my childhood ;)

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There we no video games for my in my childhood in the 70s.  I went outside and played, or watched one of the 5 or 6 channels we had on TV, or built stuff with Lego.  We got a Pong game when I was a preteen.  When I was in high school, we didn't get an Atari, but we got their competitor, Intellivision.  My next, and last, console was an SNES that I bought when I was already an adult.  It is still connected to my TV, while the Intellivision is in the garage.  I think the Pong might be still around somewhere.  I haven't seen it in a very long time, but I don't remember ever throwing it away.

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NES and Sega Genesis here. There's a reason I was insane enough to co-found this site.


Which those of you who map for ZDoom-based engines might have stumbled across once support in that engine was added for that music format. :P


Albeit ZDoom wiki is slightly wrong - we don't deal with Master System soundtracks (that's SMS Power's domain), and the VGM format has since been expanded to cover a bunch of other soundchips since then that ZDoom/GZDoom's readers for VGM might not be able to handle.

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Sega Genesis and N64, spent a lot of time in Goldeneye's split screen and adopted the sad little Xbox a year after it came out along with a Ps2.
Literally turning the dials on an old Sanyo to find something to watch before school, turning sixteen and instead of a car, I got a Dell Inspiron laptop.
Looking around now, I can safely say that all the right things are still the same.

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4 hours ago, Empyre said:

ever throwing it away.


II still can't believe I'd thrown everything away. I had so many NES catridges and I didn't keep a single one... Damn it...


I really wish I cared more about preserving stuff in my childhood, so that in 20-30yrs I could have something to look back at... But I kept nothing. First 2 PCs? Gone. NES clone system and the hundreds of cartridges? Gone...

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5 minutes ago, seed said:

I still can't believe I'd thrown everything away.

Tossing my Sanyo sucked, but the tube died a few years after I gotten it from my dad.
Positive, I got a 78 monochrome Sharp about a year ago complete with the "devils pitchfork" to coax adapter, but I still have nowhere for it.
Tossed so much I wish I still had, except maybe Superman 64, that still belongs in the dumpster fire.

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Battle City, Super Mario Bros and Contra on the NES, Tomb Raider 1,2,3,Chronicles, Crash Bash and Metal Slug X on the PSX, Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike 1.5, Half-Life and Halo Combat Evolved on PC


Ugh talking about it makes me want to replay some of these games.

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It all started with that: 

I had at least 40 games but I can't recall them all. 




LoL,- those joysticks... I broke a few of them because I got overexcited during gameplay. I moved the stick too rough in tense situations and sometimes you only heard a *crack* ... My father had to repair some of them. Moonsweeper, Cosmic Arc and Beamrider were surely my most destructive games,- literally :-))))))



12 hours ago, tempdecal.wad said:

Battle City....


Yeah, Battle City !! I still love to play that occasionally. So simple, but quite addictive ....same counts for Bomberman ...

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15 hours ago, tempdecal.wad said:

Team Fortress Classic

I still host a server for that game: Empyre*HOPE*'s Little Server

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Don't know why, but I only played Mario games and Donkey Kong Country. Mario 3 is the one I remember the most. Beaten it with my mom. Fun times

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