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"Lake of Fireblu" | my first release

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Lake of Fire 777.7z


Start up E4M1 to play. Co-op start included (and 2 shotguns !!). Tested in gzdoom.


This is an exploration of an episode motif: No shotunners; BFG fetish; Berserk is a must; blood on white walls. I hope you enjoy. I will continue to improve.


See you star-side ;)


Comments and criticism are greatly appreciated. And personally, I find it difficult.

edit: 777 : made a 2nd 'zerk behind the 2nd red guy. For coop reasons. And I want to beat this on UV XD


Screenshot (16).png

lake of fire pic 1.png

Screenshot (8).png



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Make the sky sectors taller than the inside sectors to give the roof some thickness.

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16 minutes ago, Kepehn said:

9000 Cacos!! Really? I gotta try this one! Pics look great. 

Just don't forget to follow the advice from @Empyre.

Pretty sure its just 9 Cacoi XD


 I will probably let this thread sit for a week and then compile a list of things to mess with. I went over about 16 issues I had with the map in the last 24 hours or so. Thanks though and let me know what you think.

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That's a challenge map, specially playing for the first time where you have to conserve ammo, cause you don't know what you'll find ahead.

I played on UV. I really liked the map layout and environment, the locked doors and alternative ways, and the area with the BFG where you cross the room above, that's Awsome!


I had to played twice cause at some point of the map I could not go back to the start to kill the ones I left behind.


The map is not so tough like I thought it would, but I had fun playing it!

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On 4/13/2019 at 11:35 AM, Suitepee said:



Playtested this LAST in my most recent livestream. I'd be interested to see if you could maintain the gimmick of the map over a whole episode or not.


You are a damn fine boxer, sir. And I did not know that jump at the start was possible. Thanks for the reply, btw.


I tend to just run around everything at the start and infighting usually kills off all the imps. If i skip the zerk, i tend to need it later,; and if i pick it up on the first pass, i do just fine. But I just run past everything and then use the BFG on the hell knight and cacoi, and use a shotgun to finish the last few off if there are any.


Im still learning the flow of things. Earlier, the map was an ammo  drain. I tried to eliminate that in the second half but now it feels like I need a trap or monster closet to spice everything up. And the small map size to eliminate a need for saving. I was trying to hit a note where the map is challenging yet inviting to newcomers to DOOM. But you boxed damn near every enemy in the map- impressive!


Glad you enjoyed it. I have half a dozen maps on paper right now, including a simpler remake of this map. I dont have anything more concrete than that though. Well, I might call it "Eaters of the Void".


Thanks again! Much appreciated!

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this map is fantastic. I love punching things, I love the atmosphere. The semi-awkward platforming is great. It really interests me when elements in a map that serve no gameplay or progression function can be made to feel completely natural because of how effectively the author's intent steers player expectations away from the usual niceties of modern/polished doom mapping.

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