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Will ZDoom gameplay mods work with Eternity 4.0?

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Problem is that the ports use different thing definition systems. Eternity, which uses EDF as backbone, right now doesn't support DECORATE (it only supports its syntax used inside EDF). Also, ZDoom has tons of really advanced stuff which, even if Eternity got DECORATE lump support, it would not have everything you'd expect. Some mods would work, others not. Which ones? Hard to tell without trying every single one.


(regarding EDF: not sure the team agrees with me 100%, but I'd like everything to be in EDF, so you can have a homogeneous set of files with the same format to define everything. All formats which I copy from GZDoom will be strictly for compatibility, while everything new to Eternity will appear in EDFs. I'm not fond of EMAPINFO either, as it's not EDF...).


Personally I'd look into supporting old ZDoom maps, unless I fixed something in the Hexen-format code which killed compatibility... Right now basic stuff such as Sector_SetColor, highly present in classic ZDoom maps, aren't supported.


GZDoom UDMF maps might also work (probably not with the released EE versions and devbuilds) but chances are huge they have stuff EE still lacks (3d floors and not just them).


Also ZScript is a huge beast which is already out and free in the ZDoom universe. We really should get going with Aeon, damnit :P


Another thing I'm missing and sadly needs ZDoom MapInfo introspection: Doom1-style intermission maps. Even if I managed to support GZDoom's definition format for them, I'd also have to parse its MAPINFO format to get there :( Cross-port projects like the "Lost Episodes" has intermission maps like this...

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