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Question for GZDoom builder

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Hey guys I'm currently making trying to figure out how to make one of my levels end by killing the Spider mastermind similar to E3M8 DIS. Do I tag a sector a certain way or do i mess around with some scripts? Any help would be appreciated. 


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In SLAD3, you can use MAPINFO to define a "SpiderMastermindSpecial" . This special flag will execute once all spider masterminds in the level are dead. Once they die, you also need to set "SpecialAction_ExitLevel" so the engine knows what action to perform once you have killed all the spider masterminds.


Or alternatively, tag all of the Spider Masterminds the action flag script_execute. Then in ACS:


#include "zcommon.acs"

int SpiderMasterminds_Dead = 0;

script 1 ENTER
    if (SpiderMasterminds_Dead == 4)
        Print (s:"You killed the last Spider Mastermind! Well done!");
        delay (35*3);
        Exit_Normal (0);

       SpiderMasterminds_Dead = SpiderMasterminds_Dead + 1;

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I'm assuming this is for your limit-removing wad, in which case the only way to do that is have the last map be E3M8, which is hard-coded to end when all pre-placed Masterminds on the map are dead.

You could also use E4M8, which uses the same conditions to lower a floor (revealing the exit in Unto the Cruel).

If this is for Deimos: The Damned Moon like I think it is, then you'll just have to make killing the Mastermind part of progression somehow, because E2M8 is hard-coded to end when all pre-placed cyberdemons on the map are dead.

The only way to change this behavior would be to use Eternity Engine or ZDoom.

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Ok thank you guys so much. A little more editing and I might have Deimos out by the end of today along with an updated Phobos.

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