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[New Map] Profane Abyss of The Satan - Single Player, Vanilla

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Nice map! Also there are too many screenshots, it takes an eternity for me to scroll up!

(and down)

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Here's a demo of my first playthrough.


I enjoyed the map. Most fights were well setup, the level flows quite nicely and I never had a problem figuring out what to do or where to go. Difficulty was quite consistent and felt right for me. The map never felt too samey and had nice diversity of different locations (a bit too cramped near the end). I didn't like the spider mastermind fights though, my first one in the tunnels consisted of peaking around the corner and pummeling it with rockets, the second one you probably are supposed to skip if you don't have the plasma rifle. There was probably a bfg I missed but it wasn't really a problem.


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OK, here it is, thanks.


I see that my main goal was achieved - make sure that the player barely ever runs out of enemies to kill :)


Soon I will try to record my run with all secrets revealed.



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Thanks, @Suitepee for playing the map! It's very useful for a mapper to hear the live comments of the gameplay.


This gives me a big lesson on how other people approach maps and that making assumptions about the behavior of other players could be very misleading. For example, I assume that players explore more and don't kinda play in rush, therefore I placed the PlasmaGun in a very easy to spot secret, having in mind that it'll certainly help to beat the Spider. BFG was hidden a little bit more comprehensively, but again, available through a button in plain sight. The idea was that without looking for secrets the map should still be reasonably easy to beat, but only with up to the Rocket Launcher. Damn, I consider most secrets in this map easy ;-)


Anyway, thanks again. You just earned a new follower :) I will revisit the forum thread about good applications of the Spider ;-)


Aaa, one more thing. This might be due to some compatibility settings, but in general, Pain Elemental should be able to shoot the Skulls through the wall assuming that he's close enough. See the video below (time=6:42). But I agree that the placement was rather awkward.




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