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Rocket Jumping Terminology: Vertical vs. Horizontal

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Is there any official or widespread verbal distinction between these two? I think of rocket jumping as what you can do in Zdoom, for example, since you can actually "jump." Of course, "rocket jumping" has been done since the days of Mt. Erebus, so there's obviously precedent for the term being used for only horizontal movement too. 


Follow up question: if you're designing a map for Boom or "lower," do you even try to seal vertical rocket jump sequence breaks, or do you just wink at them and say, "Well, it's primarily designed for [source port], not GZDoom"? Or do you not think about it at all? 

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For jumping, I don't think there's much of a distinction in terms of vocabulary, people call rocket jumps without free-aim rocket jumps by default, or something similar, and when you look at ZDaemon rocket jump maps it becomes more than evident that "rocket jumps" can be vastly different things in spite of sharing the same name. All the more reason to make sure you use the correct source port if you wanna get into speedrunning, because competing under the same circumstances (or as close to that as possible) is how to keep the playing field fair.

For mapping: I think the healthiest thing to do is to say what the targeted source port is, and simply not give a shit when people play your stuff in a different port. As far as I can tell, most people couldn't be bothered to read a txt file unless their lives were depending on it, let alone follow any recommendations. You can't always "seal" everything nice and tight anyway, at least not without some manner of compromise along the way, be it visually or whatever. Including a mapinfo to your WAD does fuckall when people use GZDoom, because when people manually enable for example jumping in the options menu, it'll override the mapinfo anyway, meaning there's a non-zero chance all you get is that people are noticing they're not supposed to jump, but then they might turn jumping back on anyway because they don't care about what you had intended in the first place.

Edit: If you get into RJmaps like for example timeofdeath's "rjsloth", you'll notice that in the "rocket jump-scene" there are different names for certain techniques, none of which apply to your average doom map, however.

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@Nine Inch Heels, thanks for the response. I never really thought of it until I played a conversion project that was all about jumping, yet it was really just a mod since there weren't really new levels. Obviously the iwad progression is ruined by jumping. Then I kinda just realized that no one ever really says "rocket jumping will break the map," even though plenty of maps test with GZDoom.


I agree with what you said about not worrying too much about it. Do your own thing at your own risk. Not really a huge deal anyway, I suppose, unless your map has way too much health/invulnerabilities.

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If your map is not designed for zdoom then you shouldnt worry about rjs and jumping, if someone decides to break the map using these tools its up to them. You can jump extremely high with rjs in zdoom ports and pretty much the only way to prevent them would be to have a map with no verticality.

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