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Is there a DB shotgun wad for DOOM1?

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I am 80% sure I saw a link to a file "DB shotgun patch for DOOM1" somewhere on the net, and I haven't been able to find it again.

Can someone link me? Does it even exist?

mmmmmmmm *POOM* clik-clak-chok

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No. Why? Use doom2 for the SSG. If you could somehow make such a meaningless patch you'd have to do away with another standard weapon.

Maybe you can get it to work with EDGE. Try it.

Is this another joke thread from another joke user? Why are there so many retarded questions or ideas being posted lately? Is it fun? Yes? Is the Anti-Christ coming? The next avatar of the creator maybe? Both? Are they the same (person)? Is God a troll? Is Satan sexy?

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What's up your butt?

I asked for some help to find something, that's all.

I would like to have the DB shotgun in the DOOM1 levels. What is so bad about that?

My advice to you: Get off the computer for awhile, buddy.

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DooMer 4ever said:
I accidentally made it so that I had SSG in doom1. I ran doom1.wad under doom2 folder with legacy. Don't know about a patch though.

the same works for zdoom, just put doom.wad and doom2.wad in the same folder, and use run to start zdoom like this:

Zdoom.exe -iwad doom.2 -file doom.wad

when the game starts, bring down the console and type map e1m1, and low and behold, you'll start in a doom 1 map!

use the console again and type:

give super shotgun

tada! a super shotty in the first doom. enjoy.

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I haven't checked DoomBoy's file for Zdoom, but I assume it is simply all the graphics and sounds needed to support the SSG put into a WAD. That's all you need to make it available in Zdoom. The SSG does make Doom1 very easy though (IMO) and is a good example of how to unbalance a game with a single weapon.

I played the entire game through a few weeks ago, cheating to get an SSG the first time I picked up a shotty in each episode (by summoning the weapon and picking it up - not IDFA). I then played the rest of the episode using only that weapon unless I ran out of shells. As soon as I picked up more shells, I went back to the SSG. I completed the entire game on UV having hardly broken sweat.

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Yep Doom1 is too easy with the SSG...easy solution...add more monsters with your editor.

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