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exit text off screen


when i make exit text in zdoom mapinfo(i use slade 3). the text goes off screen. i dont know how to drop the next to the next line. so anybody who knows how to. please help. could you also make a copy of the code that i could look at?(not copy and paste, ill remember what to type)

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You need to surround each line of text with " " and end with a ,   


In-situ it looks like this (this is Eviternity's first intermission screen)


cluster 5 {
	flat = OGRATB02
	music = D_READ_M
	exittext = 
	"In the farthest reaches, a Light",
	"awoke, and cast his luminous rays",
	"on all around him.",
	" ",
	"He fashioned a world unto his image,",
	"created beasts of his will, and declared",
	"himself eternal, ruler of his domain.",
	" ",
	"But his hubris cast a sickness, and",
	"from distant worlds called forth ",
	"the agent of retribution, drawn ",
	"through the cosmos by his pride.  ",
	" ",
	"It cast down his beasts, it rejected ",
	"his rule, and through lands eternal ",
	"it brought forth his doom."


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You've not formatted your Map section properly I don't think.  


You'd need to format it something like this:


map E1M1 "Your map name" {
	levelnum = 1
	titlepatch = CWILV01
	next = E1M2
	sky1 = "RSKY1"
	cluster = 5
	music = D_STALKS


And then paste the Cluster section underneath that.


Edit: Oh I see what you did.  Yeah the Cluster text I sent you doesn't go inside the Map section, it's its entire own section down at the bottom.  The "Cluster = X" line in the Map section tells the map which cluster it belongs to.

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Another case of using the wrong format. :/


Also, the text goes in a cluster definition, not the map definition.

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