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Spishak Cola

Its that time again...

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Its that time again for yet another question by Me :D

This weeks question is...

When I try to launch or join a game on IDE I get this message: "W_ReadLump: only read 0 of 290 on lump 3389"

but sum times the "3389" number changes depending on the server in which I join. Also when I try and join a game on Csdoom
it shows the message and then it shows the Oh So annoying "This program has preformed and illegal operation and will be shut down" message.

[EDIT] Also the title heading thingy for the "W_ReadLump: only read 0 of 290 on lump 3389" message is "ZDOOM Fatal Error", Im not sure if that'll help tho...[/EDIT]

Can someone be so kind to help me out here?


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