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[RELEASE] HereTweak 2: Do-Over!

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Back in 2016 I made a weapon mod for Heretic which I think doesn't really hold up anymore.

After playing through Vanilla Heretic I realised I tried to fix a lot that wasn't actually broken.

So! I've completely remade my old Heretweak mod from the ground up, respecting the weapon's base damage values and functions.

Gameplay should be largely unchanged from vanilla with a little more visual flair and a few minor weapon balance tweaks.


This mod is only designed for and tested with GZDoom v4.0.0, and is not compatible with Zandronum.


Click HERE to download!
(current version: v2, released 01.05.2019)


Best played with Heretic Widescreen Sprite Fix!






  • Fixed a major bug that caused crashing when using the Tome of Power while firing or switching weapons.
  • Gauntlets windup animation reduced from 6 to 4 tics.
  • Crossbow projectile damage increased.
  • Crossbow projectile speed reduced.
  • Crossbow secondary projectile damage reduced.
  • Tomed Crossbow animation increased by 2 tics.
  • Dragon Claw now fires instantaneously.
  • Tomed Dragon Claw damage & fire rate increased.
  • Tomed Dragon Claw now has visual recoil.
  • Claw orbs give 15 ammo, increased from 10
  • Energy orbs give 50 ammo, increased from 25


  • Weapon effects and feedback are improved.
  • Tomed weapons are tweaked also.
  • Ghost enemies have the Fuzz effect from Ultimate Doom/Doom II.
  • Iron Lich whirlwinds are now more opaque.
  • The firemace is much stronger to compensate for its rarity.
  • Feel free to try it out if you want I guess. Feedback appreciated.


Thanks to Jimmy and Skelegant for feedback and bug fixing!

Edited by Baratus : made post nicer to read

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Hm, that doesn't seem normal. Are you using GZDoom v3.7.2 or later?


I'll update the main post to specify this, in case that's the source of the problem.


EDIT: If you have no weapons you may be running the wrong IWAD. This mod is intended only for HERETIC.WAD, it won't work with any other IWAD.

Edited by Baratus

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Time for a big update! This updated version fixed an annoying bug that crashes the game to console if you use the Tome of Power while switching or firing weapons. Some weapons have also received some damage tweaks. See the Changelog for the full list of changes.


Click HERE to download! (Intended for HERETIC.WAD)

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