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Greetings. my name is corban, im from salt lake utah and i want to ask anyone hear if they would want to help build a "MARS ATTACKS!" wad/campaign? i was also thinking of making two campaigns. one for the humans and andother for the martians. both based of the card series.

im new to the doom community and i think it would be a great fps to do. its one of my favorite awful movies, and i think i could utilize some of my skills in something like this. 


 i have an idea for sprites. there are a couple figures buy HOT TOYS that i could get my hands on in time off ebay im sure, and use those for modling. of course, this is a fan project, so there will be no mula. it must be done for fun only. i


i also want to reference the movie and the original trading cards by TOPPS as much as possible. 


let me know if you would be interested or know of someone that wants to help. we could start a discord or something. 

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