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Perfected Doom 3 Rip and TEAR edition

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Hey guys Im new here and All of you know about the Perfected Doom mod.Well I ve been working with some mod files recently I created The Doom 3 helment pack which includes Arls Doom marine helment addon and a Classic Doom marine helment  inspired by the rivensin mod.I got the Classic helment to work on the game it works on 3rd person but sometimes the head disapears in a few cutscenes that will be fixed they are both compatible with Perfected Doom 3 v7.Now I need some volunteres  to help me create My new Rip and TEAR edition.This edition of Perfected Doom 3 will include more Berserker packs in the maps ,new armor,New demons such as the arachnotron,SpiderMastermind and the Behemoth/Hellrazer(New Demon thats been unused in the Doom 3 files,New Weapon sounds,A better versión of a Barón of Hell the That is much bigger than the Hellnight and shoots 3 green fireballs,A New Soulknight model inspired by Kronos from the Rivensin mod.Spawnable Marines since you can only spawn security and they are weak as Hell.A New Demon variant inspired by the Hell in Time mod.Better and louder gun sounds and new Chainsaw sounds inspired by the premium pack for Perfected Doom.New Demon skins.Thats the list of all the features.I know it sounds hard but you just have get some elements from other mods such as model files.The hardest part would be implementing the unused Demon hidden in the Doom 3 files(Behemoth/Hellrazer IDK you guys decide what sounds better) The SpiderMastermind will be used from the Asmodeus cancelled proyect.Arachnotron model shall be used from Hell in time.New Barón of hell model shall be from the Rivensin mod But DO NOT change the green Textures from the current Baron of Hell just the Size of it and add 3 green fireballs attack.OKAY WHO WANTS TO HELP ME MAKE THE MEGA MOD

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