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Doom: Hell on Earth 0.5

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The Nightmare – Part 5


“I’ve got orders to issue you with the BFG 9000 – it should be able to make it easier to clear the path into Omega, especially when wielded by a skilled soldier” Sergeant Doug Anderson, the SSDU squad leader of the squad I was assigned to on this mission, told me. “And I’m confident that you are a skilled soldier since the General decided to assign it to you” he continued with a grim smile.
“Oh? But we only have the one I brought home, shouldn’t it be used in cases where it is less likely to be lost?” I replied dryly. “Not anymore” he replied back. “The lab has been studying it carefully and have already made two more!”
“Already?” I asked. How?
“you’re forgetting that they already knew about BFG technology – They had most of the knowledge from previous versions of the BFG”

I was in the barracks of the base. The place was cramped and filled with wounded and tired soldiers. Those of the troops who were ready to fight were preparing themselves for the coming battle.

A sharp command interrupted our chat.

Everyone went silent. General Mark Sheppard stepped inside. He briefly looked around at the troops and then spoke in a grave voice.

The General was giving us some additional details to what we had already been briefed about as well as giving the troops one last encouraging speech before the assault.

“You’re attacking the port from the ground. The reason for this is that these alien freaks have created a sort of flame ceiling above the Omega star port and therefore made it impossible for any ship to land or take off. In other words, we can’t send transports with people to the orbiting star ports to board the super ships which you’ve all heard about by now. We need to find whatever device keeps this barrier active and take it down. Also, we need to clear Omega base of uglies so that we can evacuate in peace and quiet”

The men and women that stood before their General all wore stone faces. They had all seen so much horror and death that they were not afraid to die any longer. They were ready.

The General looked around at us. He was met only with serious glances. Everyone knew that everything depended on them now.

“Once you smash that machine, we will be able to send aircraft out to pick up human survivors and take them to the star port and we can evacuate them”
He swallowed hard before he continued.

“We will not be able to evacuate everybody at once, because lots of people cannot easily make their way to the port, so we’ll have to search for people wherever they my be hiding, so the evac procedure will be a lengthy one. But your victory will be crucial to the survival of humanity - bear that in mind”

I listened carefully to every word in the briefing. I knew what I had to do and I was eager to dish out some destruction to the monsters. I knew what these creatures were and I knew that if we didn’t stop them, even our worst nightmares wouldn’t even be able to suggest to us what would happen to Earth – or even the universe itself.

I looked down at the monstrous weapon that I had just been given.

At least this time I wouldn’t start out with a puny weapon like I did on Phobos.


The marines sat closely together. This all reminded me of the landing on Phobos, but this time, the other marines were SSDU marines and this time we were inside a ground vehicle. As of yet, I hadn’t seen as much as a single sign that any of my old SSDU comrades from before my transfer to Mars were still alive. I decided not to think too much about it.

Half an hour before, I had been lying in wait in a forest a few miles away. I had looked at the star port through Sergeant Anderson’s binoculars. Anderson was our squad leader on this mission. He was a battle hardened combat veteran who had already made it out alive from several battles with the demons. He was harsh, but at the same time a strangely nice guy. He had my respect and I was ready to do my best just for him.

Looking at the star base through the binoculars, I realized just how insanely large the impressive Omega star port was. The area within the buildings alone was a considerable amount of square miles. I didn’t know how many. Even while looking at it with my bare eyes, it filled all of my sight in front of me.


The Armored Personnel Carrier was moving at a great speed. This was definitely a different feel to that of a drop pod – more comfortable, as the insane speed combined with the incendiary atmosphere that drop pods went through during the drop procedure would turn one’s stomach inside out.

The hover APC bumped only slightly, due to the rugged terrain. The hover engines worked so that the vehicle could hover about two feet above the surface, yet irregularities in the surface would still affect the movement of the APC a bit. The interior was dark, only lit by a single red lamp, and the adrenaline pumped through my veins and that of my fellow marines.

The General’s briefing went through my mind again. I recalled the last part of the briefing.

“These terrors know no mercy, no pity and no remorse. They have taken everything from us which is us dear. However, they shall not stand in our way to freedom. Humanity will not fall. We shall purge the Star base and get our people off this planet. And once we’re in space, we can plan a campaign to purge the Earth from these blasphemies once… and for ALL. Now, this is where you shall prove yourself. You have all fought hard, yet the biggest challenge awaits you still. Do not give in to your fears. Do as these monsters: Do not show pity, do not show mercy. You are bloodthirsty warriors who are only concerned with merciless slaughtering and killing. Use ANY means necessary to eradicate these barbaric… creatures” He had paused before speaking the final words of the briefing.

“Go and get some rest soldiers, tomorrow, you will kick some ass for humanity!”


That was eight hours ago now.

I looked down my combat suit. We had all been equipped with the latest combat suit tech – Our new life support system was a major improvement to the previous version, as this could cool our body as well as heat it, depending on the environment, making the climate adaptor pills that I had used while in Hell obsolete. But other than that the armor was still the same type as before. We had been equipped with life support systems because there were hazardous areas inside the star port where a life support system might do a lot of good.
In the distance we could hear the thundering of our powerful artillery cannons that began to open fire on the star port. They were giving us covering fire.

And then the new sounds kicked in. Sounds which most infantrymen feared. It was the sounds of heavy cannons. Artillery, heavy machinegun cannons, plasma cannons, everything but the kitchen sink.

We all knew that the demons had messed with the star port’s defense systems so that they would now attack any human within range, so this attack would kill a lot of troops if our support didn’t nail enough turrets. The sounds of the battle were horribly loud and with rapidly beating heart, I realized that we were under fire!
The sounds of dying soldiers reached our ears. One thought zapped through my head:
Oh shit, they must be more heavily defended than we thought!


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Epyo said:

Is this the end of the intro?

Yup, it is. Any specific reason for asking? Or just regular curiosity? :-)

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dsm said:

Yup, it is. Any specific reason for asking? Or just regular curiosity? :-)

somehow, the main story is more fun.

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really good work man. this seem to be the calm before the storm. I can't wait to see what horrors await our hero in the starport.

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Epyo said:

somehow, the main story is more fun.

Uh? What do you mean? I haven't reached the main story yet, so how can you say that it is more fun?

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Everyone chant "D S M" cmon-
"D S M"
"D S M"
"D S M"

Heh, keep up the good work Dsm.

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