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Dimensional Lake (now on idgames)

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Posted (edited)

A single map for Doom II that I used as practice for mapping, I tried making it fun to play while also using a few settings and scripts to get myself familiar with Doombuilder.


Map Info:

Tested with - GZDoom 3.2.5

Freelook and crouching allowed

Jumping required

Software rendering

Difficulty - somewhere between Doom I and Doom II


Download: idgames














Edited by Rince-wind

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Nice screenshots, looking forward to giving this playthru:)

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Posted (edited)

I will test your map soon I think. I saw your recent screens , your map has interesting funny details. It reminds me of Kama Sutra for some reasons (by Gusta and Method)

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Just past obtaining the Blue Key I noticed a couple of things: 

1. The doors don't make any noise, not a big deal at all but it throws you off a bit, and

2. I saw this when I opened the door after the Blue Key door,


So far I'm enjoying this map, its pretty fun and is laid out well:)


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Those doortracks  were such a pain  in Doombuilder.

Also is that a new version of Brutal Doom, the helmets look different.


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