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DOOM Anomaly

Oddly compelling...

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...When I tried to run ZdoomGl it gave the the following message: "W_GetNumForName: CONCHARS not found!"

I can probably fix that easily, but the oddest part is when this happens My puter gets set to a much higher Resolution and goes to 256 colors. I tried reseting my puter but it doesnt help, so I set it back to 16 bit colors, but the resolution stays high. Im not complaining at all but its just a wonder to me and my lazy mind of finding things out, strange, no?

..Hehe I changed it to 32 bit color for fun, wow, look at all the pretty colors O.o

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Well, nevermind, I figure the reason its like that is cuz in Zdoomgl i have my res set for 1023X768 so that y it set my whole puter res as that, meh.

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