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DECALDEF animator clean

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I was editing the DECALDEF for some monsters from Realm 667, and I saw that several of them are using animator clean, but that animator is not defined anywhere. I looked in Zandronum.pk3 and ZDoom.pk3 and GZDoom.pk3 and their DECALDEF lumps do not include the word clean. I also searched the ZDoom Wiki. I know how to use DECALDEF, but I have ever heard of an animator named clean, and I cannot find a definition for it anywhere. I am guessing it is a fader, but I don't know the settings, nor why they didn't use GoAway or GoAway2, or include the definition of the non-standard animator that they are using.

Can anybody find the definition for the animator named clean, or should I just edit it to use GoAway instead?

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I decided to replace the undefined Clean animator with GoAway3, which I was already using for other decals, and which I defined as follows:

fader GoAway3
    DecayStart    5.0
    DecayTime    5.0


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