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Heretic monsters in Doom

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I found a wad that makes Heretic monsters usable in Doom as Decorate.

I copy and paste the contents to my wad in Slade.

I open the wad in GZDoombuilder and I get:  " Error: Unable to find the DECORATE class 'Wizard' to inherit from, while parsing 'Disciple:14986' ",

and the same error for the other monsters.

Since I'm not savvy with this, can someone please help me out?


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That error message can be safely ignored.  When you play your map in the game, the resource pk3 for whatever port you are using will automatically load, and the classes your actors are inheriting from will be there.  You could load the port's pk3 as a resource in GZDB to get rid of that error, but that will bring up a whole lot of new error messages that aren't really errors.

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I tried it with and without loading the wad as a resource,

this is what the Disciple looks like:



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Using Heretic monsters in Doom (or Doom monsters in Heretic, or both in Strife, etc.) is very easy in ZDoom since all monsters are already in the engine.


They are not, however, in the game data, obviously. You need to provide the needed sprites and sounds, which you have to extract from the IWADs of the relevant games. Keep in mind that palettes are different. Convert them to PNGs so that they will not be read with the wrong palette. Note that some sprites will need to be renamed; for example the Iron Lich has sprites called HEAD, just like the Cacodemon, so you'll have to rename them to LICH instead.


The second thing is that ZDoom filters the sound definitions (also: dynamic lights, brightmaps). So you will need to copy the relevant sound definitions from gzdoom.pk3 too.


The mod you found, based on the error message you shared, seems to be doing a pointless redefinition of the Heretic classes. This is not really needed at all.

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Nope, sound sequences are mostly for things like doors and platforms. It's the sndinfo stuff in filters/heretic.


Anything that's not in filters/ you don't need to copy, it'll be loaded regardless.

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I copied what you said and pasted them in Slade in this order:



Is there something else I need to do, because I don't see them in the monsters list.

(I only put the sounds and sprites of the Gargoyle) 

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You need to give them an editor number, because they don't have editor numbers outside of their game. (There's a lot of conflicts so they can't use their original numbers. For example, the fire gargoyle from Heretic has ednum 5, the same as Doom's blue keycard.) See this for reference: Standard editor numbers


What you need to do is to create a ZMAPINFO lump and to fill it with a list of custom editor numbers for Heretic things you want to use.

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Posted (edited)

I made the ZMAPINFO lump and written this:




     255 = HereticImp



And I get this error: "Failed to apply MAPINFO DoomEdNum override '255 = hereticimp: failed to find corresponding actor class..."

Edited by Rince-wind

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